The Rosaire du Liban, Rosary of Lebanon, will be the world’s largest set of rosary beads when completed.

It’s so large, it can be clearly seen from Google Maps.

The entire rosary comes in at nearly 2,000 feet long. Each of it’s 59 concrete beads are about 16 by 11 feet in size and able to be walked through as pilgrims pray the rosary.

The path leads to a Cross of the Resurrection and amphitheater. At night, the entire grounds are illuminated.

“A place under the cross is dedicated to the continuous contemplation of the Blessed Sacrament. The goal is to deepen in the redemptive work of the Lord.”

The idea to build the Rosary of Lebanon came after a young Lebanese man was arrested in 2006 by mistake on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. Praying to Our Lady to intercede for his release, he felt inspired to build a Marian shine.

After his release from prison, he was able to secure fundraising and start construction in 2008.

Being built near the calamitous Syrian border, they hope the rosary will be a great prayer for peace and unity in Lebanon.

Photo credit: Rosary of Lebanon via Facebook
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