Another Lenten journey of further conversion will begin on Ash Wednesday, February 10, 2016. Lent prepares the faithful to celebrate the Paschal Mystery of Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection.


It is a time for reflection and spiritual renewal, a time to examine one’s relationships with God and with others. The Church also calls Catholics to a spirit of penance, above all fasting, prayer and almsgiving, “which express conversion in relation to oneself, to God, and to others” (CCC 1969, 1434.)


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To foster the spirit of penance and of reparation for sin, to encourage self-denial, and to guide us in the footsteps of Jesus, Church law requires the observance of fast and abstinence (CCC 1249-1253).

1. Abstinence: All persons who have already celebrated their 14th birthday are bound to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays of Lent.

2. Fasting: Everyone, from the celebration of their 18th birthday to their 59th birthday, is bound to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Voluntary fasting on other weekdays of Lent, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays, is highly recommended. Fasting is generally understood to mean eating one full meal each day. Two other partial meals, sufficient to maintain strength, may be taken; but together they should not equal another full meal. Eating between meals is not permitted, but liquids are allowed.

Other forms of “fasting,” especially regarding alcoholic drink, needless television, video games, Internet use and social entertainment, is of true spiritual value and is strongly encouraged. When health or ability to work would be seriously affected, neither the law of fasting nor the law of abstinence obliges. If in doubt, one’s parish priest or confessor may be consulted.

Airport workers, travelers, and others while on board ships or airplanes are dispensed from the laws of fast and abstinence for the duration of their journey (except on Good Friday). It is desirable that they perform some other pious act instead.


In order to deepen one’s love for Christ, Catholics are urged to read and pray over sacred Scripture; to study the Catechism of the Catholic Church; to participate in devotions offered by the parish; and to pray more fervently — individually, as families, and in common with others. The faithful are exhorted to pray the rosary, to make private visits to the Blessed Sacrament, and to pray especially for vocations to the priesthood and the religious life, for world peace, and for an ongoing implementation of the pastoral initiatives of the Third Diocesan Synod.

1. Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation: Lent is a privileged time for celebrating this sacrament. Parishes generally make readily available the Sacrament of Penance, including its communal celebration. (In this way, the social and ecclesial aspects of sin and reconciliation, as well as one’s personal reconciliation with God may be underscored. At communal celebrations of reconciliation, however, general absolution is not permitted. People should attend also to reconciliation in every aspect of human life — personal, familial, societal, and ecclesial. During the Lenten and Easter time, Catholics are reminded that they are obliged to celebrate the Sacrament of Penance at least once a year.

2. Lenten Mass Schedule: Daily Masses during Lent are so scheduled so as to facilitate the attendance and spiritual growth of the faithful. The faithful are urged to attend Mass on weekdays.

3. The Stations of the Cross are celebrated publicly in each parish on Fridays during the Lenten season. Parishioners are urged to participate.

4. Wedding Masses may not be celebrated during the Easter Triduum, on Sundays of Lent, Ash Wednesday, or during Holy Week. Marriages may take place at other times during Lent according to the proper liturgical norms and provisions, but it is contrary to the penitential spirit of the season to have elaborate weddings or lavish receptions.

5. Funeral Masses may not be celebrated on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, or Holy Saturday, nor on the Sundays of Lent. When pastoral reasons require that a funeral be celebrated on these days, a Liturgy of the Word, with the final commendation and farewell rite, is held.

6. Mass may not be offered on Holy Saturday, except the Easter vigil, which may be celebrated only after nightfall, in darkness.

7. Easter Duty: All Catholics who have been initiated into the Holy Eucharist are bound to receive Holy Communion worthily at least once during the Easter Season. Catholics are encouraged to receive Communion as often as possible, not only during Eastertide, but throughout the liturgical year. However, “Anyone conscious of a grave sin must receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation before coming to Communion” (CCC 1385.)


The act of giving to the poor, in the most ancient tradition of the Church, is an expression of penance, a form of piety, a witness of fraternal charity and an expression of Lenten conversion. Therefore, all Catholics are urged to support generously the charitable works of the Church. People are also encouraged to assist the sick, the aged, the needy and the imprisoned in other ways. Fasting and abstinence together with works of charity help Catholics live in solidarity with the crucified Christ reflected in the image of our brothers and sisters who suffer.

In our Lenten pilgrimage of faith and ascent to the holy mountain of Easter, may God direct our steps to Him, and show us how to walk always in His way.


The Lenten Regulations and Admonitions were issued by Bishop Jaime Soto.

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  1. That’s “obligatory,” not “obligitory.”
    Enjoy all the fish. As an atheist, thanks to the brutality of certain nuns, I’ll be eating whatever I want.

    • Mary: As an 88 yr. old Catholic, I am sorry that you would make “nasty nuns” your reason for leaving the Catholic Church. I had nuns in grade school who were “quick with the hands” in slapping some kids, and they will answer to God for that. My Protestant husband went to a public school and they were spanked on the rear with a stick by the Principal if they were naughty. Please don’t allow people with human failings, keep you from your Faith.

    • Why would you come here to be snide and rude? You have a right to do as you please. Why mock those who chose to follow a certain faith? You are choosing to be as mean as those who hurt you.

    • Hello Mary,

      It breaks my heart to hear that Catholics push away God’s love due to an experience with a person that was not a good example of His teachings. Please know that the few do not equal the many and God and Jesus will always be there for you, even if you decide not to embrace the faith. I will pray for your heart to heal from those situations; have a blessed day.

    • So why bother to cmt???? Just eat whaterver you want. If this article does not have anything to do with you, dont have to act tough and talk harsh. Right????!!!
      Like many other things you don’t care in real life, look away while passing by. Thats somehow a manner.

      • Your words sounds harsh and it feels like you’re being tough with her. Perhaps if you used a compassionate voice it would be more beneficial to you both.

      • Hello CJ,
        How dare you be so blunt and uncaring! What you wrote to Mary is so not what us Catholics are about. So unloving and uncaring to someone who claims to be an Atheist but is on this website searching for help. Remember what Christ said from the Cross: “I Thirst!” Mary is thirsty and you did the exact same thing the Roman soldiers did. You gave her Gall rather than water or wine. Shame on you CJ.

    • Your an Atheist? But you are looking at and commenting on a Catholic website. I think you miss the Sacraments very much and want to reconcile with the Church. Otherwise you wouldn’t be on the website in the first place. Come home Mary and let our Lord bring you out of the past and to heal your hurt from those Nuns. Let our Lord bring love back into your heart and soul and to heal the hate that is eating at your soul.

    • Sweetie, you say you are an atheist, but here you are on a Catholic website at this most holy time of the year. If you have come seeking love and acceptance, you have come to the right place. Even if you rail at God, his love continues for you and he leads you home. You called out for help and God answered you. How blessed you are.

    • Jesus being divine knew that Judas would betray him, he chose him in the charity that his mercy is for all, and as a lesson to us all, there will always be those inside the church that will betray him. We are to take this from it… You don’t leave Jesus because of Judas.

    • As a retired and disabled military man as well as a retired psychotherapist who has been a Catholic from birth as well as a 18 year member of the Knights of Columbus, I must interject with an apology for my brothers and sisters comments. This comes not meant as a rebuke of your feelings on and all but as a statement of forgiveness in the spirit of our faith and of Jesus Christ. Attacks on Catholicism by those who attribute their not practicing their faith is often an attempt to test the waters to see if their feelings remain justified in their own perceptions. I would like to offer you a challenge to give the church a 90 day try, speak with the parish priest attend mass see if you have truly fallen away or have restablished a connection with God. It will either offer you redemption or solidify your feelings. Either way God Bless you.

    • Totally Agree with Sue, your relationship with God is brwn you and him, don’t ever let nasty people take that away rom, you. being a nun doesn’t make them saints, but you shouldn’t look down on All Catholics or religious people because of a handful of ugly humans

    • Ms. O’Grady, listen to St. Peter (Acts 2:38) You don’t need a man to meditate between you & God. Pray & talked to God on your own. live a spirit filled life on your on, not a cult. Ms. McNeill

    • Well, the Lenten season represents how Jesus walked through the desert for forty days and nights with no food or water. So, we fast as a sign of solidarity with Jesus. I’m not sure why we can eat fish but not meat during abstaining, it probably roots back to a Jewish tradition. We give something up that tempts us, because Jesus denied Satan three times, and by being pious we attempt to be more like Jesus.

      • It does go back to a Jewish tradition. I was surprised when an Orthodox friend of mine mentioned that he couldn’t eat meat for some religious reason that I can’t recall right now. He could eat fish, though. It’s one of the signs that the Catholic Church is a continuation of the Jewish faith.

  2. Ha! what lightweights! Try no meat, no fish, no eggs, no dairy, one meal a day, period. and that’s every day, not just Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Not to mention increased prayer (to the tune of at least a mid-week liturgy in addition to the liturgy and vespers on the weekends). and lastly, the church service marathon during Holy Week!

    • Catholics are both welcomed and encouraged to engage in more rigorous fasting – these requirements are the minimum.

      I too go vegan for Lent, and have done the ‘fast until 3 PM’ thing in the past.

      Lent is not meant to be a test of endurance, but to help us all grow in our faith. If more extreme fasting does that for you, then of course – go for it! But it is not necessary for everyone, nor the only way Catholics can observe Lent.

    • Honestly you’re funny! People here are serious with their faith and here you are nothing to say but something so say that that has nothing to do with anything.

  3. Mary, what you do is ok, maybe, you will find out in time.
    But there is a tomb stone out there that reads the following:

    Here lies an a atheist
    All dressed up
    And No place to go !

    • I love your comment William I have to agree with you, and one choose trouble she will probably be the one who’s calling for God to help please God help me!

  4. What you choose to do during Lent is between you and God. Personally, I choose to give back over choosing to give up. But, any money saved by abstaining and eating less can be donated to the poor.

  5. Oooh, can we note that there is no rule anywhere that forbids the baptism of babies during Lent?!? SO many parishes won’t do it…

  6. I believe that we were along time ago asked to eat fish on Friday to help the fishermen support his family. Mary, I am so sorry you were so poorly treated.

  7. I would have loved to re-post this article to my parish F/b page.
    However… there are just too many grammatical errors and mistakes.
    This is a really useful poster and someone has obviously taken a great deal of time and love to create it. It’s worth editing and re-posting.

  8. I joined the Catholic Church about 8 years ago. I can say that being Catholic, has made me question so many things, mainly myself. I have became closer to my Lord and Savior, and I find that I am drawn to the church in a way that I can’t explain. I was born and raised in a church and we attended every Sunday. So, I have believed in God and had faith my entire life, but the Catholic faith is more traditional, some may say “stricter”. I find in my own life, stricter is what I was longing for. When I attended RCIA I told the sister overseeing the class that I felt something when I was entered our church……she said back to me “he’s here, Jesus is here!” I truly believe that the Holy Spirit opened my heart to receive him after 47 years! It’s never too late to rekindle your spirit! Ask for these things, and accept it! And peace will come to you! God’s blessing and peace to all on our Lenten journey!

  9. this is our season to reflect on our relationship with the father, the son, and the holy spirit. To honor Mary, the mother of our savior. with the upheaval in our world today, it is a blessing to remember that ALL IS IN GODS HANDS.

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  25. Now I have internet back I can see the pics… It was like a bomb went off 75 t0 100 ft from the house… We were away at the time but it shook pictures off of the wall and a smoke detector from it’s pinnings on the bedroom ceiling … needless to say the dog had a funny look on his face when I got home from work a couple of hrs later. There are alot of sticks in the yard for the dog to play with for sometime to come!Damage estimates are less than originally thought … Waterworks is back up and running with no service interruptions . Just waiting on phone line repairs .All is good now.

  26. Gordon, without knowing more details, it’s hard for me to say whether your mother unconsciously repeated her own past, but an infant would definitely notice the rejection by its mother. Allan Shore has written a lot about how the newborn comes with inbuilt expectations for a loving, joyful relationship with its mother, and the distress felt when those expectations are disappointed. .

  27. Too funny! Too bad those televagelists only air callers who have a miracle to share. Where are all these people with their miracles? You hear it all over tv but the day to day people I encounter are hurting and lost? Maybe I should just point them all in the direction of CBN or TBN for their miracle blessing.

  28. Meninas, usei e amei a ESCOVA DA LINHA MAIS NOVELTY COSMÉTICA, conheçam e irão amar.Não tem cheiro algum e meus cabelos ficaram lindos e macios… ameiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiParabéns Novelty Cosmética pelo produto q estou usando e amando, minhas clientes agradecem também.

  29. re: recovery What’s going to eliminate recovery is the crash in demand. Private debt, separate of the banks, is too high. China is now the #1 car market in the world, despite slipping last year, because of a wipeout in US consumer demand. This is a fundamental fact going into the future that bubble inflationist thark-tinkens, and academics don’t get because they make too much money. And a debt laden younger generation, blocked from career promotion by people forestalling retirement, isn’t going to help. The US consumer is dead.


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