A clear warm night, a group of friends and a drink in hand. You’ve had ticket for weeks; work is out for the weekend and its time for another unforgettable summer concert!

The atmosphere is perfect—everyone getst stuck in your head but moved you and inspired you to new heights?

Love Good Music artists represent a variety of genres—from singer songwriter to pop to spiritual—but they all have one thing in common. Each artist, each album, does more than get you dancing, it will move your soul.

Have you been looking for great music in all the wrong places?

In the words of The Lumineers (whose music you can find in the Love Good Music store), “I’ve been trying to do it right/ I’ve been living a lonely life/ I’ve been sleeping here instead” (Ho, Hey). Love Good Music—which invites music lovers like you and me to become the patrons that fuel these the creative juices of musicians—calls us away from empty music to art that feeds our desire for beauty.

As Catholics, we shouldn’t be mindless consumers of popular culture. Love Good Music gives us the chance to experience music that resounds with meaning, rather than reinforces society’s emphasis on cheap thrills.

You can have the summer concert experience AND listen to music that doesn’t conflict with your beliefs and values. Check these artists out at lovegoodmusic.com, grab a ticket for one of their stops on tour and be transformed by the joys, sorrows and challenges of life found in the memorable harmonies of these artists.

Check out these incredible artists at www.lovegoodmusic.com

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