Autumn, the favorite season of many. The leaves change to paint a beautiful landscape of orange and red hues, pumpkin pie and apple cider is plentiful, and the change in temperature ushers in the best of fall clothing – flannels, hats, sweatshirts, and scarves.  But if you can’t live without your morning cup of coffee, what you probably love most about fall is pumpkin spice coffee. And if you can’t get enough of pumpkin spice coffee, the Carmelite brothers at Mystic Monk Coffee have you covered.

The Carmelite Brothers of Wyoming live in a cloistered monastery nestled in the Rocky Mountains of northwestern Wyoming, near Yellowstone National Park. In the solitude and silence of the mountain wilderness, the brothers seek to perpetuate the charism of the Virgin Mary by living a strict monastic life of obedience, chastity, and poverty.In 2007, they found their community rapidly growing without adequate means to support themselves and the new vocations. After much prayer and discernment by the brothers, they were inspired to roast coffee beans and sell them online. In 2007, the first bean was roasted in the monasteries kitchen on a cast-iron skillet and Mystic Monk coffee was born. Ever since the roasting of their inaugural beans, the Carmelite brothers have grown Mystic Monk coffee into a gourmet coffee brand received highly by casual lovers and professional connoisseurs of the drink alike.

If you love pumpkin spice coffee and want to support the mission of Mystic Monk coffee, try a bag of their delicious pumpkin spice blend – a creamy blend of pumpkin and aromatic spices which will turn even the coldest fall day into a cozy delight.

Not a fan of pumpkin spice? Don’t worry! The brothers at Mystic Monk coffee have a brew for everybody. Looking for a great way to wake up and get your day started? The Breakfast Blend is sure to wipe the sleep from your eyes. Prefer a nutty taste? The classic Hazelnut will hit the spot. Like a dark, bold roast? The Midnight Vigils blend is for you.

Can’t decide? You can see all that the brothers at Mystic Monk coffee have to offer here.

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