In a hilarious video parodying the hit song “Hello” by British singer-songwriter Adele, sisters from two religious communities found a way to show unity in an unlikely place: milk’s favorite cookie.

Both of the sister’s religious communities hail from the Cleveland, Ohio area. The Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament of the Roman (Western) Rite are situated on the West side of Cleveland, while the nuns of Christ the Bridegroom Monastery of the Byzantine (Eastern) Rite are situated on the East side of Cleveland.

Last month, sisters from both communities spent an afternoon together and decided to make a video parodying Adele’s song “Hello” that combines faith and fun, along with Oreo cookies, to deliver an important message of unity.

“We didn’t plan on it, but the video below is the result of our time of recreation together! It is a joy to have sisters from another tradition with whom we can share our experiences, joys and struggles. This sharing is always enriching.”

In the video, the sisters use the Oreo cookie theme to show unity: the black and white represents the colors of the habits each community wears. The video begins with both groups across a table where an Oreo with separated halves lies. As they sing about how some say they are supposed to separate, they adopt the familiar Oreo sight: sisters wearing black habits on the outside, with sisters wearing white habits on the inside to show unity amongst themselves.

“For a while now, we and the Mercedarians have been joking that the Mercedarians, who wear white, are the cream to our Oreo cookie :)”

You can learn more about the Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament on their website here, and can also learn more about Christ the Bridegroom Monastery on their website here.

Watch the sisters parody “Hello” by Adele using Oreo cookies to promote unity below:

Read the lyrics to the sister’s catchy parody:

Hello, it’s the cookie
We’ve been sitting here thinking how much we’re incomplete
without our cream filling
They say we’re s’posed to separate
But that’s not okay with me

Hello, it’s cream filling
We’re in Cleveland proper dreaming about how we’re meant to breathe
With both lungs, cookie and cream
We’re long for the time when we’re together and complete

There’s not much difference between us
Just 39.9 miles

Hello from the Eastern side
We’ve prayed “Lord have mercy” 40 times
To tell you we’re with you in everything that we do
But when we call you’re always adoring our Lord

Hello from the Western side
Through the Eucharist we thrive
And we place you inside of His Sacred Heart
At the altar we are never apart anymore

Oooohhh, OREO
Oooohhh, OREO
Oooohhh, OREO

Hello from the OREOs
Protected by the Theotokos
United as one in the Body of Christ
The Mercedarians y las Byzantinas
Hello from Christ’s loving brides
With Mama Mary at our side
To tell you that you’re loved through everything that you’ve done
‘Cause it don’t matter you have a home in the Son forever

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  1. Thank you sisters! I’m so sad that our school year is over because I would have loved to show this to my middle school religion students. They have been learning about Eastern vs Western traditions. This is also a great way to show young people that religious (and clergy, by extension) aren’t always so serious and stern! I’ll have to file away the link for next year. Well done!

  2. A bit of a mockery of the Eucharist f you ask me. Disgraceful carry on. It’s no wonder the church is in a poor state!!!

    • Just to clarify – the video was not meant to be about the Eucharist. It was an act of recreation between our communities, and through it we intended simply to show our love and prayers for our sisters, our gratitude for unity between east and west, and our desire for deeper unity. The only time we even mentioned the Eucharist was to express our communion in the Sacrament. Our monastic community has a great love for the Eucharist, as do the Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament (as is implied in their name). We wouldn’t want anyone to think otherwise! The OREO cookie certainly was not meant to symbolize the Eucharist, it was merely a fun reference to the color of our habits. 🙂 In case part of your confusion came from the icons, please know the video was taped in our dining room, it is NOT the chapel. Thanks for posting this comment so we had the opportunity to clarify for you and anyone else who may have misunderstood!


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