In a Facebook messenger chat via Missio’s PopeBot, Pope Francis asked the question “Is religion doing enough to promote unity and peace?” 

Pope Francis has made promoting unity and peace a core of his papal ministry. From hosting leaders of the Orthodox and Anglican Churches, to calling for peace in war-torn areas, and to seeking dialogue with other religions, and even non-believers. Pope Francis has gone to great lengths to spur greater unity and peace among all people.

The chat by Pope Francis, is the latest in a series of informal, one-on-one style chats he has released via the “PopeBot” from the Pontifical Mission Societies. This amazing project allows Facebook users to “chat one-on-one” with Pope Francis to hear inspirational stories and learn about ways people can help the poor and unfortunate.

You can chat with Pope Francis via MissioBot – aka the “Pope Bot” – part of a new generation of digital technology called ChatBots. Inspired by the Pope’s charisma, message and his desire to break down barriers, MissioBot provides a one-to-one experience of information, engagement and accompaniment, that guides the user through a conversation with Pope Francis about the life-saving work of Catholic missionaries around the world.

A ‘Conversation’ with Pope Francis

MissioBot provides a way for those digitally connected, especially younger Catholics (and non-Catholics), to learn about and be fired up by a leader they respond to, Pope Francis.

Through a conversation on Facebook Messenger, MissioBot offers users a chance to enter into a conversation with Pope Francis with the goal of motivating them to take action. Just message MISSIO USA on Facebook Messenger, and the Pope will take it from there.

The MissioBot is the newest entry point into the place of encounter for anyone and everyone seeking to support Catholic missionaries, MISSIO.

MISSIO was developed by the Pontifical Mission Societies and launched by Pope Francis in 2013. An extensive digital platform, MISSIO connects both young and old directly with missionaries through crowd-sourced fundraising and peer-to-peer communication. MISSIO empowers a community of givers to become change-makers in some of the world’s poorest places. MISSIO extends our solidarity with the Mission Church.

Experience The Pope Bot and Message MISSIO

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