Is Pope Francis going to North Korea?

Last Friday, Pope Francis asked for an invitation to visit the country.

In an interview with the Korean Broadcasting System, he said “the goal is simply fraternity.”

“I will go there as soon as they invite me. I’m saying they should invite me. I will not refuse.”

If he does visit, it would be the first time a pope has ever gone there.

It’s not the first time a a potential papal trip has been talked about though. In 2018, Pope Francis also said he would be willing to go if he received an invitation.

In North Korea, no open religious activity is allowed beyond state-controlled places of worship, including one Catholic church in the capital of Pyongyang.

They don’t allow priests to be permanent residents within their borders and foreign missionaries have even been jailed in the past. Only recently have they allowed aid projects by Catholic organizations.

When Pope Francis visited South Korea in 2014, he celebrated a Mass dedicated to the reunification of Korea, urging all Koreans to “work for peace.”

“You, the Korean people, have suffered from the war.” 

Former South Korean President and Catholic Moon Jae-in thinks Pope Francis should go to North Korea too. He said a papal visit to Pyongyang would help build peace on the Korean peninsula.

Before the division of Korea, Pyongyang was a thriving Christian community called the “Jerusalem of the East.”

🙏 Pray for peace on the Korean peninsula!

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