After the fraudulent re-election of longtime dictator “President” Alexander Lukashenko last Sunday, Belarus is a country mired in mass protest as thousands have been gathering in the country’s capital and sparring with police.

After praying the Sunday Angelus with the socially-distanced Faithful in Saint Peter’s Square, Pope Francis dedicated to address in remembrance of all those who are suffering around the world.

He said he continues “to pray for Lebanon and for other dramatic situations in the world that are causing people to suffer.”

He added that his “thoughts also go to the dear country of Belarus,” entrusting “all Belarusians to the protection of the Madonna, Queen of Peace.”

“I am following attentively the post-electoral situation in that nation and I call for dialogue, the rejection of violence and the respect for justice and the law. This should not allow us to forget the problems there are due to Covid: many families do not have work, have lost work, and have nothing to eat. Works of charity and drawing near to these families should also accompany our summer break.”

As of yesterday, around 50,000 people were attending the opposition protest in the capital of Minsk.

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