On Saturday night, at least 153 people were killed and another 82 injured at a Halloween street party in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

At his Sunday Angelis prayer, Pope Francis turned his prayers to the victim of the tragedy.

“Let us pray to the Risen Lord for all thoseβ€”mostly young peopleβ€”who died last night in Seoul from the tragic consequences of a sudden crowd stampede.”

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Korea also spoke out, saying South Koreans need to “break the cycle of injustice and irresponsibility that has become a common practice in this society.”

“To do that, we must first be faithful to our respective roles. Authorities must thoroughly examine the cause and process of this tragedy, and ensure that irresponsibility and oblivion are not repeated.”

The Bishops also said there should be “no further sacrifices”, especially from young people.

“Human life and dignity are the most precious values, and nothing in our society can take precedence over it.”

πŸ™ Pray for South Korea!

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