On Monday, Pope Francis addressed the world of business in a meeting with a group of entrepreneurs from the General Confederation of Italian Industry.

Drawing attention to declining birthrates, he encouraged them to support pregnant employees.

“There is an urgent need for concrete action to support families and the birth rate. This is what we need to work on, to get out of the demographic winter in which Italy and other countries are living, as soon as possible. It is a bad demographic winter, which goes against us and prevents us from the possibility of growth. 

Sometimes, a woman who is employed here or works there is afraid to get pregnant because there is a reality — I am not saying among you — but there is a reality that as soon as the belly begins to show, you get booted out: ‘No, no, you can’t get pregnant.'” 

He acknowledged life for entrepreneurs in the Church has not always been easy, but sharing their wealth, paying taxes and creating jobs can help them get into heaven.

“The question then becomes: what are the conditions for an entrepreneur to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Sharing is another name for evangelical poverty. Once I own wealth, on me lies the responsibility to make it bear fruit, not to dissipate it, to use it for the common good.

Taxes are a form of sharing wealth so that it becomes common goods, public goods: schools, health, rights, care, science, culture, heritage.

Another way of sharing is Job creation, jobs for all, especially for young people. By hiring people you are already distributing your assets, you are already creating shared wealth.”

Concluding, Pope Francis told them to always remember that “the entrepreneur depends on his workers, on their creativity, their hearts and souls: it depends on their spiritual ‘capital.'”

🙏 Pray for Faithful entrepreneurs!

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