Advent is the beginning of the Church’s new liturgical year that extends over the four Sundays before the celebration of Christmas.

Many devotions help us celebrate this time full of reflection, excitement, and hope to better prepare ourselves for the birth of Jesus. The Advent calendar counts each day in anticipation until Christmas; the Advent wreath with its colored candles symbolizes each passing Sunday, and Advent prayers help us focus our interior life to the spirit of the season.

We can also better prepare ourselves to receive Christ by giving to others. As we bring joy to family and friends through our gift-giving, we also have the opportunity, with MISSIO, to extend that joy to communities half a world away – to children and families who are often forgotten. MISSIO’s #JustOneMore campaign helps children in the Pope’s missions who are in greatest need.

Launched by Pope Francis himself, MISSIO is a new and innovative Catholic crowd-funding platform that allows you to directly provide aid and assistance to the poorest areas around the world.

With MISSIO, you can directly support the works of Catholic missionaries in the most desperate areas of the world. You can help Pope Francis’Missionary Childhood Association that every year cares for over 3.5 million abandoned children, children with HIV & AIDS, children with disabilities, children living on the street, and victims of child trafficking, soldiering, and labor. Your gift will help these children learn of God’s love for them. You can also send general support for the Pope’s missions around the world.

Choose a mission knowing that 100% of your donation will go directly to that cause. Share the mission with #JustOneMore on social media so others can support the projects also.

MISSIO is powered by The Pontifical Mission Societies, the Catholic Church’s official support organization for overseas missions since 1822, providing for a global network of people who are making a difference for communities in need around the globe.

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