Father Kristijan Zeba from the Archdiocese of Rijeka in Croatia said in his 16 years with the “Roman collar” he has never had such a blasphemous request.

He was asked to baptize the child of a same-sex couple.

He refused, saying “my conscience is completely clear and I think this is the only right thing for me.”

His explanation was that the child will not be raised in the Catholic Faith.

“Because they are already in sin, the two of them are in sin because they live contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church, and we know very well that the teaching of the Catholic Church is that marriage is exclusive male and female, anything else is unacceptable.”

The decision has caused a stir in his parish, as Father Zeba asked for his parishioner’s thoughts about the matter on Facebook.

Some sided with him:

“If they don’t believe, and it looks like they don’t, what’s the use of baptizing a child for them? That’s just to provoke. How can two people who are, you know, parents who they are and what they are, I mean two same people, I think he is right.” 

The deputy mayor of Rijeka Sandra Krpan did not, however, quoting their archbishop
Mate Uzinić’s message to LGBT people that “the Church should meet every person.”

“I am sincerely sorry that the reverend refused to baptize the child, I truly believe that the church should reach out to every person and that the answer cannot be aggression and violence, which we really believe was done to both the child and the parents.”

The Archdiocese of Rijeka has said the archbishop is not familiar with what happened and has no comment.

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  1. I understand his position. They are in sin, will probably continue in sin and will possibly raise their child in error. I see no report of good God Parents who will at least mitigate and ensure that the child is raised with all the understanding that is necessary to being a part of the Family of Christ. Although it says in the Bible that the child is not guilty of the sins of his fathers, I believe it also says that it would be better to be un baptized and unjudged than to be baptized and continue in error (please help me with that part, I can’t recall the exact verses).

  2. the parents aren’t going to raise the child in a Catholic home, send him/her to Catholic school, or in any way teach him/her that the Church is the Bride of Christ – no, Fr Zeba did exactly right… Catholic children become Catholic adults – otherwise, they are more likely to betray Him….

  3. What does Jesus say? He says to, “Go baptize in the Name of the Father,Son and Holy Ghost.”
    And my fleshly mind might understand this priests reasoning, but are we then putting on “the Mind of Christ?” I would like to point out what Christ also said, “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them.” I believe that Jesus wants us to baptize and trust Him to take care of all the rest…
    Peace and good 💞🙏💞🙏💞🙏💞🙏💞🙏💞

  4. The priest is wrong, he is committing a grave mistake. He is supposed to be a representative of Christ. Keep your politics out of religion. Do not deny the child’s right to receive this grace from God, this sacrament is for the salvation of this child’s soul. Even though I don’t agree with the parents lifestyle, they should seek out a different priest.

  5. Maybe a compromise could be struck? I don’t think the child should suffer for the sins of the parents but at the same time I can see why the priest refused, that child’s parents are going to condition that child into believing a sexual ethics contrary to Church teaching etc and so baptizing the child would be like co-signing that reality.

    I think a good compromise would be that if the parents truly wanted the child baptized into the Church they should agree to a godparent assigned by the priest who would be able to properly form the child in the faith. If they can’t agree to that then there’s absolutely no point in being baptized into the faith if you won’t follow its dictates.

  6. The issue is that when we have our child baptized we make a promise to God to raise them in the faith. If we are obviously not practicing the tenants of the Catholic Church, than we confuse the child as they see one thing and are taught another.

  7. The priest should have asked for Catholic God parents and baptised the child. If the same child was adopted, and the birth parents had wished for the child to be baptised, then what? I understand Father’s turmoil, but a child is innocent, let us not deny the child’s right here. If you are a pro-lifer, you would say a child has the same right as the mother, in the same manner is the child’s right to be baptised honoured here, because baptism is about being born again in the spirit of God?

  8. We all need to remember and be wary of this century that was given to Satan. He is trying his best to cause discord, confusion, and division. Don’t think you have the answers.
    Obedience! I say again, OBEDIENCE only to God’s law. Don’t overthink this.

  9. I agree with Irene Wood this is an innocent child . Gods creation. so if God created this little child. are we to deny God
    Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto me and do NOT deny them .This little one doesn’t understand the meaning of Love compassion forgiveness yet. If it reaches the age of reason it will question the meaning of them and how a person of God could deny it the sacrament of Baptism .


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