Of all the calls to service in the Church, perhaps none is as hard, dangerous, and vital as missionary work. Missionaries lead lives of abandonment to God’s will, trusting in the providence of God to provide for their needs. They go into the most remote places to minister to forgotten people, to share the love of Christ and the saving message of the Gospel.

Among these “superheroes of love and service” are religious Sisters. These brave women lead lives indelibly marked by love, service, and selflessness by giving their whole lives to others through Christ in far off places.

Missionary Sisters work long hours, providing food, shelter, education, and more to those in great need. But the work of missionaries like these Sisters is dependent upon our generous support.

“We religious are engaged in different works – taking care of the needy, those who have no one to care for them, abandoned children, the sick,” says Sister Maureen, a missionary serving the poor in Nigeria. “We are really doing very great things in the Church, but silently, just like mothers…. With your prayers, your financial support, we’ll do great things in the Church – for God and for you all.”

To help support the work of missionary sisters in the field, The Pontifical Mission Societies have created MISSIO, a new and innovative Catholic crowd-funding platform that allows you to directly assist these Sisters right from your desktop or smartphone.

MISSIO allows you to search through vital charity projects – ones providing for basic needs, others extending the Good News of the Gospel to remote areas, and still more bringing the light of the Lord’s loving-kindness to those in the darkest circumstances. Choose one of these missions of Pope Francis, and donate directly to them, knowing that 100% of your donation will go directly there. Share them on social media so others can support the projects also.

Launched by Pope Francis himself, the MISSIO platform offers a direct connection to change-makers who work on the “front lines” making a difference for the poor and marginalized through direct, daily service.


There are opportunities to support Sisters in the Dominican Republic providing abandoned and neglected children with food, clean water and vitamins, Sisters growing vegetables, raising poultry and producing dairy products for families in Kenya, or Sisters in Vietnam provide education to children from poor families.

MISSIO is powered by The Pontifical Mission Societies, the Catholic Church’s official support organization for overseas missions since 1822, providing for a global network of people who are making a difference for communities in need around the globe.

Check out MISSIO today and start giving!

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