In an interview with Tv2000 news, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archbishopric of Donetsk Father Maksym Ryabukha said in just the past few days three Catholic priests have been kidnapped on trumped up charges by the Russian army.

“After the celebration of Holy Mass, some Russian soldiers entered the parish and, after showing contempt for the Catholics, prayer and the fact of being together, seized and took Father Oleksandr Bogomaz, a young parish priest of Melitopol, to an unknown location.”

Father Maksym said the two other priests are in prison after being accused of hiding weapons in their religious house without any evidence.

“In fact, they are being tortured because they do not admit that they are guilty of hiding weapons in the premises of their religious house.” 

Maksym explained the current hypothesis is that Russian soldiers are torturing the priests to make them break the Seal of Confession and extort information from them.

“The conscience of any priest of the world is very clear about the Sacrament of Confession and silence.” 

Pray for Catholic priests in Ukraine!


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