By Fr. Peter Joseph Towsley

Here is a story that will literally knock your socks off! This was written for a friend that was with me on pilgrimage to Rome. HERE YOU GO!!!!!

It was amazing to hear that you were in Rome at the tomb of St. John Paul II. My family and I have been thinking a lot about him lately. I will share this story with you because it’s another wonderful glimpse of how God works, of how the Communion of Saints functions, and how this world and the next are really united.

For the past month or so my mom has been waiting for a diagnosis; the doctor says it’s probably a malignant tumor. We are praying for a miracle if it’s not against God’s plan. Mom has always loved Saint John Paul II very deeply.

When the Holy Father Pope John Paul was already very ill, she had a dream that he was walking in a meadow amidst a crowd of people, like Jesus did in the Gospels. She didn’t see a chance to push through to him, so she decided to lie down in a rut in the ground and wait there until he passed by, and then to reach out and grab the hem of his cassock to attract his attention. She did as she planned except she grabbed him by one of his white socks instead, and pulled. He turned and spoke to her, saying, “Don’t worry, soon I will have lots of time, so we will be able to talk together a lot.”

Mom woke up. John Paul II died the very next day. Indeed, he now had all the time in the world and everybody could meet him and talk to him in prayer…

Mom goes to Mass every day and this week there was a religious sister sitting near her. After the Mass, she reached out and put something into mom’s hand: a rosary. She said, “It’s from the Pope,” and she left.

Yesterday she was there again, and after the Mass she said to mom, “Can you please come with me? I need to give you something.” Mom was very surprised (the sister was a complete stranger), but she went with her. The sister went into the house where she was staying and brought something out. It was a white piece of material cut off from a larger whole. She said, “I don’t know why, but I feel I should give you this.”

TCW Banner - uCatholicNow please hold on to your seat. Do you know what it was? The sister explained, “I used to work at the Vatican a long time ago. I knew John Paul II would be a saint one day. It was clear that he was already a saint. So I preserved everything that would be a relic in the future. I did the Holy Father’s sewing. This is a piece of his sock.”

Can. You. Believe. This!?!?!? Only our God loves us this much—to allow the saints to console us in such ways!!!

So now your prayer at the Holy Father’s tomb is another piece in this beautiful pattern of lives woven together across space and time.

Praise to God in the highest!

Originally appeared on a post by Fr. Peter Joseph Towley, Spiritual Director for Paradisus Dei.

10842307_10153081317941413_101502126320961172_oFr. Peter Joseph Towsley is the Pastor at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Danbury, the Vicar of Evangelization at the Diocese of Bridgeport, and Spiritual Director for Paradisus Dei.


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  1. St. John Paul ll please hear and grant the graces I ask to you at the Vatican, by your tomb. Please guide and protect and bless my sons, please. Bless my husband, me, all my families and friends. Help the poor souls in purgatory, Amen.

  2. Miracles surely happen to those who believe. May god bless and heal this woman of faith.Saint John Paul II , intercede for us and lead us to heaven.Amen.

  3. For peace In South Sudan: that the people in the youngest nation may live as brothers and sisters and enjoy their togetherness. We also pray for people of all nations currently caught up in the difficult warring circumstances ; that through your intercession the Almighty God may be their shield and protect them from all evils.For those propagating violence ; change their hearts forever. For those who have died ; may their soul rest in eternal peace.St John Paul intercede for us to our Loving Father;through Christ Jesus our Lord who lives and resigns for ever and ever.Amen.

  4. Saint John Paul II please grant my prayer that my children, wife and I will be reunited again soon.Please guide, protect and bless my wife and children to lead them to want to see me and walk with Jesus. please. Bless and protect my mother, me, all my families and friends from harm. Help the poor souls in purgatory, Amen.

  5. I was having cancer surgery in 2002 and hapened to be speaking with two priests the day before. I told them “I would feel so much safer if I had my scapula’ which I had not seen for many, many years. That afternoon, in the mail, I received a letter from a friend of my older sister….a person I had not seen since I was a little girl, about 40 years earlier…..and she wrote ‘your sister told me you were having surgery soon and I thought you could use this….and out from the envelope fell a scapula!

  6. I, too, believe in the power of miracles through holy people like Saint John Paul. He had a vision for all of us. When I visited Rome a couple of years ago, I felt his presence. I don’t know where our lives are heading in this world of conflict. But, I pray to him and God to give us all strength to help us through these times. Dear God, please protect my family, friends, and others. Amen.

  7. Saint pope John Paul, pray for me,intercede on my behalf. I am indeed in great pains and suffering,please pray for me,oh holy saint

  8. Please help my children Natacha and Caroline to love me as I love them and to come closer to God. Dear St John Paul intercede for me .

  9. St. John Paul, please pray and intercede for me, my sisters, Carol,Amabel, my sister Josephine, for her complete & total healing from cancer, my in laws, my neices,nephews esp. Kennith, my grand neices and grand nephews for their safety and that they won’t forget God and be closer to Him at all times.

  10. St. John Paul II died within minutes of my Mom. I was in a restaurant in Times Square, heard of the Pope’s death on the overhead TV and received a phone call at the same time regarding my Mom. I felt some comfort knowing that she was in good company. Please St. John Paul II say hello to my Mom for me.

  11. Our family was blessed by St. John Paul II through the prayers and songs spoken by him in the 1999 audio recording, “Abba Pater”. This was distributed from Vatican Radio in preparation for the Jubilee Year in 2000, for what the Holy Father had called us to an “interior pilgrimage”. Through the prayers for healing offered to God by Fr. Peter Mary Rookey at Our Lady of Sorrow’s Basilica in Chicago our family was blessed and found the strength through Christ to persevere and to overcome the difficulties that nearly caused our marriage and family to end in a divorce. Fr. Rookey died on 10 Sept 14 and entered eternity where his work continues. Fr. Rookey recorded the “Canticle of Love” and Dolars Rosary and Miracle Prayer which can also be heard on Padre Pio’s website:

  12. I prayed to St. John Paul II that he would bring my college aged daughter back to church and he answered my prayers, thank you God and St. John Paul II for prayers answered.

  13. Saint Pope John Paul II, I present my husband and my entire family and I ask for God’s grace, favour and promotion in Jesus name

  14. St. John Paul II, please pray for my youngest daughter Venise that she may have strength and perseverance to finish her medical post-graduate internship, pass the medical board exam and become a full pledged medical doctor and please pray also for my eldest daughter Toni Ann and my wife Aida that they may have good health. Thank You.

  15. St.John Paul the II is a saint,while he was with us here on earth,my special experience is this,the very moment he appeared on the Papal window,I knew that he is something very special,because I saw the glowing lighted face of Christ Jesus in his face,and something extra ordinary happened to me,I just fell in love with a Pope A person I never ever in my life heard of his name or ever I saw even among crowds of religious,I saw his sanctity,and I loved him in that sole spiritual love,I felt there was a spiritual union,and every time I see him on TV I call him,my beloved,at the time,when he was just elected Pope I thought that I got a special gift from God,because no one else knows what I already know about him,at a time I thought the populations of the world did not know anything about him and many like me,never heard his name,he did had the glow,the brightness and the light of a saint in his face,and God to make still more sure to me that it was a special gift,now after he went to the Father’s house,and sometimes they show him when he appeared for the first time in the
    papal window,his face looks to me exactly as the face of any human being,all natural,nothing supernatural as I saw him in his life time,in his glowing face,as the face of Jesus,It was a special gift that I prophesied of his sanctification,I kept my silence,since he became very famous,very well known and very much loved by all people.Praise God.

  16. St John Paul I commit my wedding plans into your hands. Pls intercede for me and help it work out if it be the will of God. Amen

  17. St John Paul II, intercede for the Tiv native and Idoma so that the killings by the fulanis will stop in Jesus Name we pray Amen.

  18. I pray for my daily conversion and I continue to grow in the wisdom of God. For daily conversion of my son Christopher, my nieces and nephews, each of my family members, my god children and there parents. Teach how to love God more each day by keeping the faith. I ask that I Join my PHD programme by end next year and that I complete it in the requiref time with excellence ; You know the University. I pray I get the full time teaching Job I have applied for and for all other intens you know is in my heart.

    I dreamt one time that we were a few people in the countryside attending mass led by St. John Paul II. Innthis dream he was like in his fiftys and upright

  19. St John Paul yes too did not know him , I never took any interest in popes before but by the grace of God I recognised him as special, when he visited our country and was leaving the square where he had celebrated Mass i rushed to a place where I knew he had to pass and stood there, as this vehicle pass by, it stopped and he looked at me my life has not been the same since. I keep a picture of him on my altar and still look at it asked him for favours for myself and my family especially the younger ones my eldest is ina relationship, thought the other other got married, not in the catholic church. Sa and int John Paul please intercede for my family,. Our sonsand their families, I am hearing ttalk of Divorce pleas intercede for us to reconcile and become aware of our many blessings – Thank you St John Paul


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