By Thomas Kasper, LPC

God allows suffering to happen in our life on different levels and experiences to all sorts of people. Why is this?

One justifiable reason points to our human condition. We are decaying beings; death is certain. Another reason points to a more profound justification, and is something I wish to spend more time writing about.

Suffering is a ticket to heaven. I’ve heard the saying that to know God (Jesus) is to suffer because He suffered. Through suffering we come to know how frail and powerless we are as humans. And as much as some wish it, we cannot obtain immortality.

I can remember growing up watching super hero movies and t.v. shows in which many characters possess or hunt for grand power or invincibility. I know I enjoyed these experiences through video games and simple pretend with friends. These desires for immortality and power are a direct inverse relationship to suffering, because we want to avert from suffering and rightly so.

We take medicine to remedy sickness. We apply bandages to heal. But what about suffering that does not necessarily heal? Desolation? Grief? Abandonment?

It is God’s Will then that we suffer these. God knows what is best for us, and so He permits suffering. Therefore, we either accept the suffering or we don’t. For those who do not I call that misery, because they are not accepting God’s grace of suffering for Him, for themselves, or for others.

As St. Alphonsus de Liguori stated, “Our conduct in such instances is the measure of our love of God.”

Another saint, St. John of Avila used to say: “One ‘Blessed be God’ in times of adversity, is worth more than a thousand acts of gratitude in times of prosperity.”

To accept suffering is a yes to God and His Will. Suffering is a reminder that without God we cannot be healed. Let Him care for us in ways that may not always be understood from the human mind. He is our true Doctor and Healer.

Heaven is the ultimate goal and the saints show us how to obtain it. Embrace suffering and we will find our Healer in this life and the next.

Thomas Kasper is Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). His goals are to incorporate both psychology and theology faithful to Church teaching. Therefore, he does not practice anything that is contrary to the Faith, nor does he impose the faith on anyone. Thomas treats individuals who come from various walks of life, Christian or not. Conversion to a healthier life is key in his practice. It is his desire that everyone he encounter grows closer to God’s Will.

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  1. I can accept suffering. It’s just tough and embarrassing to endure when you see people enjoying carefree happy es and have everything handed down to them while we are working nonstop to make it in this world…I think you get what I mean….

  2. I found this difficult to read as I lost my nephew to stillbirth. When I saw the title I hoped it would be guiding way for my brother and sister in law through their deep grief in the loss of their full term baby boy. Instead it seemed like a “deal with it ” attitude which is far from the way I believe Jesus lived. “A ticket to heaven” seemed like a hard saying to someone who has lost their son they never held outside of the womb. For an LPC, I felt the writing was insensitive and really bland.

    • I’m sorry for your loss Janele. I think the point of the reading is to express that some people don’t understand why they suffer, and may never get an answer (remedy). But, the good news is that Jesus permits suffering to us as an opportunity to gain heaven-the ultimate goal. I don’t think this post was meant to explain how to suffer. But it leaves a snippet that the saints know how. Reread those quotations as a step forward to your situation. Hope this helps.

    • I know it’s not much, but there’s a facebook group called Glory Babies that discusses pregnancy and infant loss. It has some inspirational messages too.

  3. lord i accept your will.and i knoow that u must b testing my faith but be sure i have complete trust and faith and confidence that my grandson will b saved and find a place closer to home and mor important closer to u and mmama mary. keep him safe and healthy and protected and focused.and i ask all this in your name.amen amen and amen;thanks in advance for the blessings we have received and will continue to receive from you. into your hand s we commit our lives.

  4. I want you to know that I suffer greatly. I was living life to the fullest with two beautiful children in my thirties when I started taking care of my grandparents and I took care of them through my thirties and got to 40. Turning 40 was a turning point in my life but then when I turned 41 I found out I had a large brain tumor and it required immediate surgery or I would die. The trauma in my head is worse than I can explain in words. I can’t remember I can’t speak I can barely function in life now. All this and found out this last year I had a tumor on my spine which had to come out to and now I am crippled on my right leg for life. It is an ultimate grief of loss. I did not handle it very well but have learned that happiness lies within myself. I know my goal is not to glorify anyone but God and that through my afflictions God will use me as he sees fit if I let him. I love the Lord but do not understand period I do see other people living life to the fullest and I am jealous because it’s not me and I get mad because they do not understand how precious life is and how it can change in one moment. I love everyone and I love my God and I look forward to the day that I see him face to face.


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