The Swiss Bishops’ Conference has published a document for the upcoming Synod on Synodality that says the Church is suffering from clericalism, excludes LGBTQ people, and denies equality women to women.

“Several official church positions on the role of women in church and society, on sexuality and lifestyles are perceived as pejorative and exclusionary.”

They emphasized “overcoming the experience that many people are excluded from full participation in the life of the church” and examining “the clericalism that still exists in some cases.”

Furthermore, synodality can only succeed if “clericalism is overcome and an understanding of the priesthood increasingly develops.”

In it’s 11-pages, they go on to claim:

“Criticism of the exercise of power by officials is sparked by the observation of clerical mentality, the abuse of power, the ignorance of the realities of life and culture in Switzerland, the devaluation of women and the rejection of people from the LGBTIAQ* spectrum, the retreat into individual concepts of identity from being a priest, a lack of attention for the people, a disinterest for the poor, etc.” 

Last month, the Vatican warned the German bishops’ Synod not to fall into schism. 

The process of preparing for Pope Francis’ Synod on Synodality began in October of 2021 to “provide an opportunity for the entire People of God to discern together how to move forward on the path towards being a more synodal Church in the long-term.”

After the continental phase scheduled for March of next year, the Rome meeting of bishops will take place in October of 2023.

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  1. The Swiss Bishop needs to get out of the Church completely and retire. The Swiss Bishop is wrong and he has no right saying that. Thw Swiss Bishop know it goes against everything The Catholic Church teaches and What Jesus taught the people and his Disciples in building the Church. The Swiss Bishop is wrong. He shouldnt be in or with the Church or a Bishop at all if he is going to make remarks against the Catholic Church, strip him of his Title.


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