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At uCatholic, we know we have a lot of homeschool families coming to the site for content they can trust for traditional Catholic information in the modern world.

That’s why we connected with Maureen Wittmann from Homeschool Connections!

Homeschool Connections’ mission is to connect your Catholic homeschool to the experts, starting with the best homeschooling resources and community you need for safe, excellent and affordable education.

Read on to learn more about creating the homeschool you love for the people you love – you might be surprised with what Maureen has to say!

By Maureen Wittmann

As a Catholic homeschooler, you are a professional educator. And, as a professional educator, you need to keep up with the best resources available to you. Here is our top-seven list of Catholic homeschooling resources to get you started…

1. Catholic Homeschool Conference
Join 14,000+ Catholic families from 20+ countries to live the Catholic Homeschool Life. The Catholic Homeschool Conference offers multiple online events throughout the year as well as a comprehensive directory of Catholic homeschool vendors and publishers. This is a great resource that provides you with encouragement and also with practical help.

2. Homeschooling Saints Podcast
The original Catholic homeschooling podcast! Homeschooling Saints is hosted by Lisa Mladinich who interviews a wide variety of guests including Kenra Tierney, Joseph Pearce, Pam Barnhill, Tony Esolen, Maureen Wittmann, and many more Catholic homeschooling leaders. Topics include Homeschooling 101, Keeping Joy Front & Center, Designing Your Homeschool Room, and many other relevant topics.

3. Homeschool Connections Blog
Weekly articles and reading lists just for Catholic home educators. Authors include Susie Lloyd, Jenny Bales, Maureen Wittmann, and Phillip Campbell, among others. Just like professionals read journals, you need to do the same! The Homeschool Connections Blog is one journal that you should be reading.

4. Homeschool Connections Online Classes
Catholic online curriculum provider. Homeschool Connections is not a school. Instead, it offers homeschoolers individual courses for you to pick and choose. Homeschool Connections recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children and was created to help you in that vocation.

5. Secret Garden Pathways
Online Catholic special education. Started by Margaret Walsh, a Catholic homeschooler herself, Secret Garden Pathways provides support to parents who need assistance with providing the resources for their special needs children.

6. Susie Lloyd Homeschool Consulting
One-on-one consultation for Catholic homeschooling parents. Susie Lloyd provides services whether you are new or struggling at homeschooling, Mrs. Lloyd has over 27 years of experience in homeschooling 7 kids, writing, speaking, and mentoring new & struggling homeschoolers just like you!

7. Pine Meadows Academy Accountability Teen Mentoring Program
One-on-one accountability mentoring for Catholic homeschooled teenagers. Struggling with an unmotivated, disorganized, sullen teen? Accountability mentoring may be the help you need. Led by Tammy Parker, Pine Meadows program provides a mentor to help inspire your teen to be independent and get the most out of homeschooling. They help parents with the heavy lifting in motivating teens to keep on task, follow a planner, and get the most out of their homeschool lessons.

Homeschool Connections is dedicated to educating the heart, mind, and soul in the Catholic tradition through online classes with Faith, excellence, and passion. Homeschool Connections connects your Catholic homeschool with a wealth of resources from experts at the top of their field, offering live & interactive or recorded & self-paced courses, free webinars, eBooks, educational videos and dual-enrollment courses – all at an affordable price for your homeschool budget!


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