By Becky Roach

There is so much to think about and reflect on during Holy Week that it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.   One meditation that I have found to help draw me deeper into contemplating the Passion is the tradition of studying the 7 Last Words of Christ. More than words, these are the last phrases that Christ spoke as He was dying on the Cross.

I was introduced to the power behind Jesus’ final messages to us a few years ago during Holy Week when I listened a teaching by Dr. Scott Hahn titled Seven Last Sayings of Christ. However, this is in no way a new tradition to the faith. Saints such as St. Alphonsus Liguori, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Robert Bellarmine, and many more have taken the time to write about and reflect on the deep meaning and power behind the words Christ left us with on Good Friday.  If you are looking for a meaningful way to understand more of the story of the Passion, I suggest this as a starting place for your prayer time throughout this week.

The 7 Last Words of Christ

1.  Luke 23:34

pablo (3)

2. Luke 23:43

pablo (4)

3. John 19:26-27

pablo (5)

4. Matthew 27: 46

pablo (6)

5. John 19: 28

pablo (7)

6. John 19: 30

pablo (8)

7. Luke 23:46

pablo (9)


Becky Roach lives in Ohio with her husband and five children. When not doing laundry or making memories with her kids, Becky enjoys diet coke and date nights with her husband.

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  1. If any of you had parents, grandparents, or relatives who have gone through the Jewish Soviet terror and the Nazi barbarism, you would have learned that both were infected with the same amount of hate, and cruelty.


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