Mother Teresa, the saint of the slums, made it her life’s mission to serve and minister to give “wholehearted free service to poorest of the poor”. Founded in the crushing poverty of India, her order, The Missionaries of Charity, are now located all over the world, in the most desperate and impoverished places.

Many Americans would be shocked to know that Mother Teresa found a mission in the middle of the Navajo Indian Reservation. In the richest nation on the planet, the Missionaries of Charity serve families as poor as those in Bangladesh, Rwanda, and other third-world countries.

In the 1980s, Mother Teresa visited the Western New Mexico city of Gallup, which has long struggled with homelessness and alcoholism, to start a shelter and soup kitchen where those who felt cast aside by society would be welcome.

The shelter she founded there, Casa San Martin, serves daily hot meals, provides showers, and has a room with beds for women, and another, larger room, with over 40 beds for men. One sign on the wall instructs visitors that no weapons, alcohol or drugs are permitted on the premises, on other walls are found hand-drawn signs on cardboard expressing various Catholic prayers. A large crucifix, flanked with the words “I Thirst”, completes the decorations in the dining hall.

The Diocese of Gallup, the poorest in the nation, helps to continue the legacy of Mother Teresa in New Mexico, but with meager funding, it is a constant struggle to keep up with the level of poverty and need.

In response, The Most Rev. James S. Wall, the Bishop of Gallup, and his diocese have launched an initiative called “A Cry In The Desert“. In an effort to provide people with opportunities for an encounter with the living Christ, and to help alleviate some of the intense sufferings, he is calling on Catholics, and all people of good will, to assist these “poorest of the poor” through emergency shelters, food banks, substance abuse prevention programs, thrift shops, prison ministry and a nursing facility.

It is nearly unfathomable that this level of poverty can exist in a place like the United States, but here, in your own backyard, people are crying out from the desert for your help… will you answer their cry? Will you continue the legacy of Mother Teresa? Even a small donation of just $10 goes a long way in helping the Diocese to serve the poor in Gallup.

To learn more about “A Cry In The Desert”, please watch this short documentary produced by the Diocese of Gallup and Directed by award-winning filmmaker Charles Kinnane.

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  1. Oh Lord God poor out your grace & blessings upon this place for all the people there. Lift them up in an abundance of whatever they need, food, water, housing, clothes, medicine, and help them with substance abuse. Father in Heaven give them peace, love, strength to endure the tragedies, but Father God please alleviate those tragedies, replacing it with joy, Happiness and Laughter. I pray in the name of your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.
    My most Holy Mother Mary, Please intercede my prayer and May you Momma Mary help these people, your children. Intercede their prayers. Queen of Heaven, Thank you for loving all your children. I love you Momma Mary. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Amen
    Holy Spirit, hear the prayers of this place, intercede their prayers and petitions. Fill them with your love, and Joy. Give them peace in their hearts. Lift their spirits the way only you can. Thank you Holy Spirit, Amen

  2. Dear Almighty Loving Father may You touch the hearts of Your faithful to help our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Gallup. We who are so blessed in the Parramatta Diocese in Sydney, is unaware of the great needs of a Diocese in other parts of the world. Dear Holy Mother please pray for all your children in the Diocese of Gallup and the good works of the Sisters of Charity. Amen. ?


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