As a child, Saul’s father taught him how to make a tent. Once he had mastered the craft, he was presented with his own set of knives and awls.

When Saul (soon to be “Paul”) encountered Jesus and was called into ministry, he left his old name behind but not tentmaking. Paul used his tentmaking tools and training to financially support his ministry. Making and selling tents made the evangelistic ministry God was calling Paul to possible.

That tradition continues in the Church today. A couple years ago, Tony Vasinda and Michael Marchand – founders of ProjectYM – picked up this mantle of evangelistic entrepreneurialism.

“We started ProjectYM to freely serve and equip Catholic youth ministers, and the number of youth workers searching for that kind of support was bigger than we ever imagined,” Michael explained.

Tony and Michael realized that if ProjectYM was going to be able to serve all those youth workers, they needed a way to fund their ministry.

Tony, who had been making beard balm for himself and friends, decided to create a few distinctively Catholic aromas. They tried selling it at the next youth ministers conference the pair was attending and in less than four hours…

They sold out.

Over the next year, Tony and Michael built the idea into their own “tentmaking” enterprise – selling over 50,000 tins of beard balm since that first day.

Today, the money from Catholic Balm Co still supports the work that ProjectYM does with 10,000+ Catholic youth workers around the globe – equipping them and helping them know that they matter.

By funding this work, we’re helping share the Gospel with a new generation – pushing back against the mass exodus of young people we are experiencing in the Church today.

Beyond using the money to fund ProjectYM, Catholic Balm Co is a ministry in it’s own right. As evangelists (or “beardvangelists” as Tony often says) they are giving people a simple tool for conversations, conversions, and to draw people deeper into their faith.

“It seems silly that something that we did on a lark has had such an impact”, Tony says, “We get emails about people coming back to the church, sharing their faith on the streets, and a number of marriages and conversions – that all started with something as simple as beard balm. It’s a bit overwhelming to be a part of something like this.”

So if you are looking for a way to support ministry that is equipping youth workers across the globe, sharing the gospel message, and supporting discipleship in unique and creative ways – or you just need a great Father’s Day gift for those Catholic Dads in your life – this is your opportunity.

Because at Catholic Balm Co, Father’s Day is a BIG DEAL.

They’ve got tons of great options for the bearded men you love:

To get your order in time for Father’s Day, you need to place it by Tuesday, June 12th – but if you order by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT with the coupon code TENTMAKER you’ll get FREE SHIPPING (US ONLY).

Ps. Most of their Father’s Day products are available in very limited quantities, so make sure you go grab yours NOW.

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  1. I’ve been a big fan of the Catholic Balm Co. since I discovered them a few years ago. I love their mindfullness and intentionality in building the Kingdom and creating a unique community around Catholicism and a portfolio of great products (I’ve tried at least six different beard balms, the holy handlebar mustache wax, 3 or 4 lip balms and many of the lotion bars too so I speak from experience). It’s amazing what they have done as a ministry from a financial standpoint as well. Keep up the great work, I’m glad to see such a great article on the topic!

  2. I have ordered from Catholic Balm Company. I found their products really top notch, and their customer service is courteous, prompt, and friendly. You don’t have to have a beard to use their products, which are perfect for rough skin on the hands, arms, elbows, knees, and feet. The aroma is exactly what it says – the beautiful scent of holy oils, incense, and other particular Catholic sacramental smells. I especially liked one of their ads – “Don’t crash a Baptism to smell the baby’s head to get the aroma of chrism oil – buy our Chrism beard balm!” I hope they start to sell shower gel and hand lotion in their scents!


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