The Notre Dame Steak Sandwich That Has Raised Over 1 Million Dollars For Charity


Notre Dame has long been the center of the college football universe. The iconic uniforms, touchdown Jesus, generation after generation of all-time great players, from the 1924 Four Horsemen backfield, to Joe Montana, to Rudy, to the coining of the term “Hail Mary Pass“, the Golden Dome of Notre Dame is synonymous with college football.

For many fans of Notre Dame football, the best part of the experience is the pre-game tailgate. And no other food is more iconic for pre-game tailgaters than the Knights of Columbus Steak Sandwich

Since 1973, the Notre Dame Knights of Columbus (Council #1477) have delighted Fighting Irish football fans with their iconic pre-game steak sandwich sale, but for the Knights, it’s about a lot more than grilling steaks. All proceeds from these sales go to charity. To date, they have raised $1.5 million for various charitable causes, including the purchase of life-saving ultrasound machines.

The Knights of Columbus have released a new series that focus on the heroic actions of everyday people titled “Everyday Heroes“. Episode 2 of this series, titled “A Touchdown For Life”, focuses on the sale of these sandwiches and the very real impact it has on the lives of those it supports.

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  1. The Knights of Columbus are a really amazing & upstanding group of guys. I could hardly be more proud of all they do and just to be a small part of it as the Recorder for Eugene council #1430. This episode in particular brought some tears to my eyes, because I know that my mother once considered abortion, but instead, she chose life! God bless the Knights of Columbus!


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