Because we live in a digital era, it’s now possible for men and women to receive a thorough faith formation from some of the best theology professors in country, without ever leaving home. Catholic Distance University offers a Master’s degree in Theology (as well as AA, BA completion and a Master’s program for educators) that might be the right fit for you if:

  • You feel like God is calling you to grow in love and knowledge of your faith
  • You are interested in Church-related work, communicating or teaching the faith to others
  • You want to pursue a graduate degree, but don’t want to relocate or commute
  • You’re looking for a faithful, compelling curriculum that is easily accessible in an intuitive online platform
  • You are ready to join a community of students and professors dedicated to following God’s will for their lives.

Learn more about Catholic Distance University’s rich theology programs. It could be the next step God is calling you to!

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