Have you ever imagined a circus being a place where a Traditional Latin Mass takes place? Well, it did happen once!

On the 100th anniversary of its creation, the famous Bouglione circus in Paris, France, was the stage of an incredible event: A Traditional Latin Mass celebrated by the Auxiliary Bishop of Paris, Bishop Touze. The circus performers, clowns, and even some of the animals were in attendance.

The circus performers, dressed in their colorful costumes, gather around Bishop Touze as he lead the ceremony. Close-ups show the clowns and other performers making the sign of the cross with great devotion. The Chinese troupe also joins in, watching the Mass with great interest.

The Bishop can be seen offering up the Sacrament and kissing the altar, with various shots of the circus performers looking on with a sense of awe and reverence.

The Bishop also takes time to shake hands and interact with the performers, even going as far as stroking a lion cub and blessing elephants.

This event, a Traditional Latin Mass celebrated in a circus setting, highlights that the diversity of celebrations existed even before the reforms of Vatican II.

It shows that the Traditional Latin Mass was not limited to Church settings, but was celebrated in unconventional settings such as a circus too.

This unique event serves as a reminder of the rich history of the Catholic Church and the various ways it has been celebrated over the centuries.

The video footage of this Mass is truly a sight to behold.

Take a look below!

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