Twas a night in the Empire a long time ago
No lights on the tree, no turkey, no snow
The sheep were all resting from a day on the graze
And me, a, poor shepherd longing for better days
The Romans had taken our land and our pride
And we hoped our Messiah soon would arrive
The shepherds and I atop avalley so deep
Took turns guarding the flock and resting in sleep
When awoken was I from a light and a choir
And a feeling inside that was warmer than fire
Confused we all were, the shepherds and I
We looked all around, then we looked to the sky
An angel shown forth, that’s how it appeared
We trembled we panicked, he said “Do not fear”
“I was sent to bring good news of great joy
“In the city of David was born the Christ-boy”
How odd this had sounded, but it only got stranger
“Go find this Messiah laid down in a manger.”
When he finished the story of this wonderful birth
Angels sang “Praised be God, and peace to this earth”
We left for the city with fervor with zeal
We wanted to see what the angel revealed
We looked for a soldier, a prince, and a scholar
We looked for a rich man, and nothing much smaller
We looked for the one who would save us from danger
But we found, as the angel said, the boy, there, in a manger
Is this our messiah with no robe nor a palace
No king for a father, just a carpenter calloused
This child’s no prince, he is poor just like us
He can’t lead a nation I won’t give him my trust
And then with a stirring down deep in my soul
I gave him my blanket, I thought he’d get cold
I gave it Mary, his mother, who smiled
She thanked me, she thanked us, and said “stay a while”
“For Joseph and I have been given a son”
“But he’s for the world, not just for his mum”
Then the boy woke with a light in his eyes
And the truth of this child I now realized
It was not an army this boy would be leading
No rebellion of wars, of death and of bleeding
His mission, was not what we all had dreamed of
Twas better, Twas hope, twas forgiveness, twas love
His tiny lip quivered in the night’s windy chill
But Mary gave him my blanket, my first act of good will
I knew then that my stone heart of sin soon would melt
And without thinking, or knowing, I got down and knelt
I prayed for the first time for peace and for grace
I prayed for the salvation of the whole human race
He spoke not a word, he just looked at his mother
And somehow us shepherds became then his brothers
Just then a small boy came with nothing but drums
Mary nodded, the boy played “pa-rum-pa-pum-pum”
We knew we must leave now, our new mission start
So Happy Birthday Young Prince, thank you for the new heart.

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  1. Catholicism is a misguided teachings that teach human teachings.
    1. Is there in the Bible listed Mary taken to heaven?

    2. Is there in the Bible listed Mary queen of heaven?

    3. Is there in the Bible listed Mary innocent?

    4. Is there in the Bible listed we should do the Rosary prayer?

    5. Is it in the Bible listed we are told to pray to the dead and ask the dead for help?

    6. Is there in the Bible listed we are told to make a statue in place of worship and should kneel and kiss it a statue?

    7. Is it in the Bible that only the Pope can interpret the Bible?

    8. Does the Bible say the Pope can not go astray / wrong?

    Show the Bible verse, if you do not immediately get out of a catholic seducer.


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