After negotiations reportedly ceased on Tuesday, the USCCB came out yesterday and urged resumption of talks “in light of the acute needs of millions of Americans for immediate assistance” said Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City, chairman of the USCCB’s domestic justice committee.

“In this moment of crisis, let us build a society that bends down to help those in need. I ask the President to reverse his decision, and for all parties to return to negotiations as soon as possible. Tens of millions of Americans urgently need help today. They need help in getting enough food, paying the rent or mortgage, finding work, affording health care, and accessing good schools. We have been imploring lawmakers since April to address these needs.”

Shortly after making their statement, President Trump announced on Twitter that stimulus bill negotiators were “starting to have some very productive talks,” reversing course.

“I shut down talks two days ago because they weren’t working out. Now they are starting to work out.”

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