In an organized event echoing Poland’s Rosary to the Borders, over 30,000 Catholics in at over 400 locations traveled to the coast of the British Isles last Sunday to pray the Rosary.

Last Sunday at 3 p.m., thousands of Catholics attended a massive prayer service on the coasts of the British Isles for “Faith, Life, and Peace.” The participants prayed for the Catholic Faith on the British Isles to flourish once again, for peace across the world, and for the eight million abortions carried out in the country since 1967.

Over 30,000 people were estimated to attend the event, the largest Catholic gathering on the British Isles since Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI visited the United Kingdom in 2010. The event was planned by Sancta Familia Media, a lay organization of the faithful. On their website, they explained what they hoped to achieve by praying the Rosary en masse.

“To witness to the power of prayer to change lives as we come together to ponder, like Our Lady, on the events of her Divine Son’s life reflected in the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, the compendium of the Gospel. To witness to the ancient and vibrant Christian history that is at the heart of our national story by praying and doing penance to bring unity, peace and healing to our troubled society. We hope to contribute to the re-establishment of a culture of life in our nations through prayer and sacrifice. We hope to inspire a pro-life conscience among all peoples through a loving and compassionate witness.”

Watch the video showing the living Rosary on the Coast of the British Isles below:



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  1. The U.S. is planning a coast to coast living Rosary on Oct 7th. For more information see

  2. We wish Nigerian coastline will be lined with Rosary Prayers for our Dear Mother’s intercesssion. So inspiring, indeed!


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