On Thursday, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the UN.

The Holy See Press Office issued no statement about the meeting. However, the Russian Foreign Ministry tweeted a video of the meeting.

Lavrov is heard telling Parolin “we thank you for the suggestion to have this meeting, we appreciate your efforts in this not-very-quiet time.”

Parolin interrupted Lavrov, saying “unfortunately.”

Lavrov continued expression appreciation for Parolin for promoting “more stability, more justice and, of course, the rule of law.”

Watch the moment below:

Before their meeting, Parolin warned “as global tensions rise and we hear rhetoric threatening the use of nuclear weapons, it is more crucial than ever to bring the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty into force.”

Pope Francis said that same day at his Wednesday general audience that it is a “tragic war” of “madness” with people “thinking about nuclear weapons.”

🙏 Pray for peace!

Photo credits: mfa_russia via Twitter
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