What Faith and Science Have in Common


Considering the origins of science are exclusively traced to monotheistic civilizations, they probably have a lot in common? If you’ve ever been persuaded to think that Faith and Science are enemies, watch Brian Holdsworth’s video commentary on what faith and science have in common.

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  1. Very well laid out – I shared it on my facebook because I hope that it will be seen by others who hold to the faith in only science idea. I found your video on my newsletter for daily devotions. I say it was a fortunate find. Thank you. I look forward to seeing more of your videos. Love, your sister in Christ, Laura

  2. Modern empirical physical science, what English speakers today generally mean by ‘science’, is rooted in a faith that the physical universe is ordered way that is discoverable by our human rationality. Science could never have gotten off the ground without people who had such a faith. Christians believe that a benevolent rational God created the universe and that the creation bears the marks of its creator. This is why the inventors of science were Christian churchmen, specifically Catholic ones, who invented science rather than atheists or those of one of the other major world religions.

    Christians need not fear science. It’s our own invention. The atheists are the ones who must explain why a universe that (somehow) mindlessly came into existence is so orderly and accessible to human rationality. The atheists are burdened with explaining away the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences*, not the Christians.

    * this phrase is the title of a 1960 paper by physicist Eugene Wigner


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