If you’re on social media, it seems as if every few weeks, a new “#PrayFor(x)” pops up. Some tragedy occurs somewhere in the world and people make their obligatory post about the situation, change their profile picture for a day, add a #PrayFor hashtag into their status, and then a day later, get on with their lives, far removed from the reality of the situation.

Social media, for all of its power to connect people across the world and bring awareness to tragedies, can create an illusory sense of compassion.

Sure, these stories that we all see are heartbreaking. Yes, we all offer prayers. Of course, we all wish we could do something. But when the hashtag stops trending, the very real people behind these hashtags tragedies are still there, in desperate need of help. The need for true compassion and action far outlasts the 24-hour news cycle.

To help the people behind the hashtags, long after they disappear from social media, The Pontifical Mission Societies have created MISSIO, a new and innovative Catholic crowd-funding platform that allows you to directly assist the victims of natural disasters and other tragedies.

MISSIO allows you to search through life-giving and life-saving projects – ones providing for basic needs, others extending the Good News of the Gospel to remote areas, and still more bringing the light of the Lord’s loving-kindness to those in the darkest circumstances. With MISSIO, you can choose one of these missions of Pope Francis and donate directly to them, knowing that 100% of your donation will go directly there. You can also share them on social media and reignite the discussion and remind people of these forgotten situations, so others can support the projects also.

Launched by Pope Francis himself, the MISSIO platform offers a direct connection to change-makers who work on the “front lines” making a difference for the poor and forgotten through direct, daily service.

There are opportunities to support help feed children and complete a new school in Haiti, provide emergency relief for earthquake victims in Ecuador, house Syrian refugees in Turkey, or provide for flood relief for poor children in India.

MISSIO is powered by The Pontifical Mission Societies, the Catholic Church’s official support organization for overseas missions since 1822, providing for a global network of people who are making a difference for communities in need around the globe.

Check out MISSIO today and start giving!

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