What It Means To Be Catholic


To be Catholic is to belong to a very large group of people which means that you can get a variety of interpretations of what it means to be Catholic. Of course, it means that you are a Christian who follows Jesus, but why Catholic and not merely Christian? What is the broader meaning of the word? This is my attempt to make sense of its ancient meaning as I attempt to reconcile its use with the work of the Church that Jesus established.

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  1. Brian, that was a really discussion at the end about the “whole”. When you related how easy it was to focus one element, like when you practice guitar, that was really great. However, may be we should try not politely telling someone he or she is small minded. Isn’t it more that we are imperfect, as ALL are imperfect, but Jesus said the road to perdition is wide…

    • Alice, just a small note here that I hope you find helpful.

      Holy communion was the event that was instituted at the last supper.
      The Catholic church begun at Pentecost, and yes indeed founded by Jesus.

  2. I am just blown away with your presentation. I am proud to be a Catholic and I love learning more and more about my faith. As a practicing Catholic woman and artist of faith more than ever feel compelled to share my vision of dance through The Temple of God the Body. I am not even close to the clarity and knowledge that you have but I have the fire. I am blessed to have found you and learn from you. I would love to share the article I wrote about the Temple of God=The body & Dance as the counduit for worship. I would appreciate the feedback to make corrections.


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