LA has been producing some really high (not higher) powered faith movies lately that have bombed in the box office.  Noah, after marketing costs, probably lost a total of $50M when it is all said and done.  “Exodus”?…way worse. 

We all know why…  people already know these stories and expect the film makers to actually stay faithful to the stories without stripping them of supernatural content and leaving as little more than an adapted, fallow, and secular morality play. Noah” was more like “The Lorax” than Scripture.

Despite losses like those, there have been substantial gains made from some of the smaller recently released faith films (i”God is not Dead”, “When the Game Stands Tall”, etc.) made by producers who have less money but understand the faith. People naturally hunger for God, Truth, and Beauty and it shows in the box office.

Movies and mass media have the ability to be a very powerful and integral tool in the New Evangelization, and the Archbishop whose Diocese contains Hollywood, knows this.

Archbishop Gomez (Los Angeles) was recently given a screening of a new film, Little Boy, which is the latest in beautiful faith centered films coming out of Hollywood, made by the Directors of “Bella” and starring an awesome cast including Kevin James, Eduardo Verástegui, Michael Rappaport, and others Hollywood stars. He screened this film because it was made for greatness in so far as it TRULY moves our hearts to love and God. 

“It’s a very interesting movie…a beautiful example for all of us that when we follow God’s call to love one another, then good things happen in our lives.” Archbishop Gomez said. In the video below Archbisop Gomez shares his thought on the movie in more detail.

For more info on the film “Little Boy” opening in theaters April 24, head over to the movie’s website

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