Italy in 1944 was anything but peaceful or pastoral.

The Battle of Anzio was in full swing and wouldn’t end for another month, eventually resulting in nearly 100,000 casualties.

But in face of the devastating calamity, Allied soldiers still found ways to escape the fray and find Faith.

On the Anzio beachhead, the 88th Infantry Division crawled out of their foxholes for an early morning Easter Mass celebrated by Chaplain Leo J. Crowley.

With specially installed amplifiers, German troops were able to be included in the Mass. For one hour, fighting ceased on the front lines as both sides remembered the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Just 6 days after the above photo was taken, the 88th Infantry Division launched a major offensive into the Po Valley which eventually lead to the surrender of German forces in Italy on May 2nd.

Let this beautiful moment be a reminder that even in the awful ways of war, Jesus is there with soldiers, just like He is with us throughout the war of our life.

Photo credit: National WWII Museum, Fair Use
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