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      • Jusas iscariat was not hanged He comitted suicide by hanging and not included in the above list. Here mention is about St . Jude(juads tadevus)

    • Adela, Judas gave up being an apostle when he betrayed Jesus and killed himself. Matthias was voted by the rest of the apostles to replace Judas Iscariot.

      John was the only apostle who was not martyred. That was because John was the only apostle who did not abandon Jesus when He needed His friends the most. John did run away when Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsamane (spelling?). One of the palace guards had grabbed hold of John’s clothes and John wiggled out of his clothes to get away. After he got some more clothes, he went to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Who asked St. John to take Her to where Jesus was. He took Her to where Jesus was being scourged; they followed Jesus on His Way of the Cross on the way to Cavalry, where he, St. John, stood watch with St. Mary Magdelene and the Blessed Virgin Mary, until Jesus’ death. They stayed with His Body until they were able to wash and dress It for burial. And I guess you know the rest. (The rest of the apostles met at Lazarus’ house until they had the courage to go see Mary. Peter was the last one to go to Lazarus’ house. One of the other apostles knew where he was and forced him to go to Lazarus’ house. Then the apostles helped him by making him go to Our Lady. He couldn’t forgive himself for denying Jesus 3 times.)

  1. Correct – of the 12, Judas and John weren’t martyred. Paul is considered an apostle, but not one of the 12. Matthias was chosen as Judas’ replacement.

  2. Comment:all the saint deid because of catholic faith. may they find eternal life in presence of christ and our Heavenly Father.

  3. Very informative. At least if I get the chance to visit Italy I will make it a point to visit the churches where St James and St John are buried . Praise The Lord and thank you . God bless

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