You remember hipsters. Those people who supposedly didn’t care if they were cool, purposefully out of touch with popular culture. Depending on the year, they prided themselves on grunge coffee shops (flying in the face of Starbucks), wearing clunky glasses instead of contact lenses and listening to music artists no one else knew about it.


So, could marriage possibly have to do with being hipster? A couple thoughts, inspired by a new revolutionary program The Choice Wine: 7 Steps To A Superabundant Marriage:

  • Free, faithful, and fruitful marriage is no longer celebrated in popular culture. But happily married couples persist anyways, knowing that marriage being “out of style” doesn’t make it obsolete.
  • Married couples are proposing something radical: that committing to another person forever and relying on each other could actually make you happier than you are currently.
  • Truly happy married couples are focused not only on the here and now, but on their path to heaven. Pretty extraordinary!

In my personal analysis, hipsters have largely disappeared as their style has been adapted by the larger culture. While some might mourn the loss of the hipster, I hope we see the same trend with marriage—that more and more people recognize the joy a committed marriage can bring to their lives and others.

If you are interested in what makes marriage so extraordinary, check out The Choice Wine: 7 Steps To A Superabundant Marriage. You might be surprised by all that marriage can bring to your life!

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