Today, the former Sacred Heart Cathedral of Oran in Algiers still has colorful mosaics of Jesus and religious icons shining from its facade. Inside, one can still find the organ, chancel, and a Crucifix-adorned altar.

Construction of the former Sacred Heart Cathedral of Oran began in 1903 by famed French religious architect Albert Ballu, ending 10 years later in 1913.

The structure of the church was done using reinforced concrete, the first church built in this manner in the French overseas territories, and quite early in the used of reinforced concrete in general – reinforced concrete had been first used less than 50 years ago.

When it was consecrated on April 30th, 1930 – the main altar was never blessed. Canon Law at the time made no recognition of altars formed of reinforced concrete.

When Algeria declared independence from France, the cathedral was deconsecrated and made into a public library.

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