The Vatican Synod of Bishops shared images depicting a “woman priest,” causing a social media stir.

The Facebook post from September 24th said:

“In #Frascati22 our experts are working on the syntheses produced during the local consultation phase. Pages and pages full of stories, insights, but also in some cases real works of art. Look at that! #synod #WalkingTogether #ListeningChurch”

The artwork was commissioned by the Philadelphia Catholic Higher Education Synod, which recommended the Church “open doors to women in leadership and Holy Orders.”

The artwork, which “reflect and precede each of the organizing themes” of the Philadelphia synod, was also shared on Twitter:

A spokesperson for the Synod of Bishops said she had seen the mixed reaction to the Facebook post.

“This was an example of the contributions we received. Not only the texts but also some designs. It was an example of what the listening consultation over the world has produced.” 

In the 1994, Pope Saint John Paul II definitively closed the door on ordaining women to the priesthood.

Pope Francis called this the “final word” in 2016.

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Photo credit: Vatican Synod via Facebook
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