A vocation for the ages! Ordained at 69 after his wife passed, Father Probo Vaccarini celebrated his centennial achievement with his 4 sons – also priests.

Born on June 4th, 1919, Don Probo Vaccarini fought in WW2 before returning home and going to professional school to become a property surveyor. At the age of 33, he was wed to Anna Maria Vannuci and from their union came seven children: 4 sons and 3 daughters.

All four of Don Vaccarini’s sons were ordained before him: Don Giuseppe and Don Giovanni are parish priests at the Diocese of Rimini in Northern Italy, Don Gioacchino is of the Family of the Assumption at Monte Tauro, and Don Francesco is a diocesan priest in Terni.

After the passing of his wife, Vaccarini began his vocational journey, obtaining a second degree in theology. First on the acolyte path, then towards becoming a deacon, he was finally ordained with the support of his sons.

At 69 years old, Don Vaccarini was ordained a priest on May 8th, 1988 by Bishop Giovanni Locatelli. A long time devotee to Padre Pio, he has faithfully served the parish of San Martino for over 25 years.

Yesterday, he celebrated his 100th birthday with his four sons at a solemn Mass in the Cathedral of Rimini, the entire parish expressing their gratitude to the Lord for Don Vaccarini.

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