WOW. This Video Of A Franciscan Friar Playing Guitar Will Amaze You


Check out this video of Brother Isaiah, CFR performing “Jacob’s Song” from his new EP, “Broomstick. The video was produced by Spirit Juice Studios.

Want more from Brother Isaiah? Get his new EP, Broomstick, on iTunes, Amazon, and more! (A portion of all proceeds go to help single mothers in need of assistance.)

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  1. I have nothing but the greatest admiration for Franciscan Friars. If I had been born into the Catholic faith and if I was 25 years younger than I am then becoming a Friar, either Franciscan or Dominican, would have been the life I would have chosen. This man has great talent with music and for him to use that talent to glorify God and to help make God’s word more accessible to others is exactly what Christ calls upon us all to do. In a world where greed for fame and money has become an obsession for many people, it is wonderful to know that there are still those who will give of themselves freely and in the name of God.


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