Why Don’t We Like To Admit We Have Sinned?

An Octave of Christmas Reflection for December 28, 2017.

Recognizing The Dark Truth Hidden In the Lights of Christmas

Of all the apostles, perhaps none strikes the dichotomy and complexity of Saint John the Beloved. The "Beloved Apostle" whose feast we celebrate today,...

Christmas: The Beautiful And The Disappointing

An Octave of Christmas Reflection by Amy Swenson for December 27, 2017.

The Cost of Loving Christ

An Octave of Christmas Reflection by Becky Roach for December 26, 2017.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Enjoy this glorious day with a reflection by St. John Chrysostom as we begin this Christmas season!

Today Is The Day Of Salvation! Encounter Jesus

An Advent Reflection by Andy Lesnefsky from Redeemed Online for December 24, 2017.

No. He Will Be Called John.

An Advent Reflection by Becky Roach from Fuzati for December 23, 2017.

Are We Living in the Presence of Jesus Everyday?

An Advent Reflection by Deanne Miller from Soul Core for December 22, 2017.

He Desires You to Desire Him

An Advent Reflection by Maria Brown from My Saint My Hero for December 21, 2017.

Is It Okay to Ask God Questions?

An Advent Reflection by Pete Burak from Renewal Ministries young adult outreach i.d.9:16 for December 20, 2017.

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