No Apologies #32: Unsound Religious Experiences

Some untrustworthy religious experiences can't justify rejecting all religion.

No Apologies #33: The Historical Reliability of the Gospels

Based on internal and external evidence the Gospels are a reliable and historical account of the life of Jesus.

No Apologies #34: Gospel Integrity and Sincerity

In this episode we take a look at the integrity of the four gospels and point out that there is no reason to believe that the writers were motivated to lie.

No Apologies #35: The Gospel Writers Were Reliably Informed

Fra Joseph refutes the fallacious thought that the writers of the Holy Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) were not reliably informed (of sound mind). Ave Maria!

No Apologies #36: Claims of Divinity

Today we look at 3 ways in which Christ claimed to be divine: By being one with the Father, by being the Supreme Lawmaker, and by accepting the adoration of others.

No Apologies #37 – Claims of Divinity (Part II)

Today we present 3 more proofs of Jesus' claim to be divine! From His own lips, from being called The Son of God, and from seeing that the apostles clearly understood what their Master taught.

No Apologies #38 – Claims of Divinity (Part III)

Today we look at 2 final proofs of Christs claims to be God: First, by asserting the power to forgive sins, and second by proclaiming himself eternal: the great I AM. Ave Maria!

No Apologies #39 – Proofs of Divinity

There are three ways that Christ proved his claims to be divine: By his Personal character, his Wondrous works, and by his Prophecies. Today we begin with his Personal character. Ave Maria!

No Apologies #40 – The Greatest Teacher

Jesus Christ is the greatest teacher the world has ever known. This can be seen as an indirect proof of his claims to be Divine. Ave Maria!

No Apologies #41: Miracles

If we can show that Christ worked true miracles, then we have to believe that God approves His doctrine. At the heart of Christ doctrine is that He is God. Miracles are a proof of His Divinity!