Pope Francis to Patriarch Bartholomew: ‘I’m Confident We Will Achieve Unity’

In his letter to Patriarch Bartholomew leader on the Feast of Saint Andrew, Pope Francis said he was 'confident' they would achieve unity with the Church.

The Demon That Torments Priests in Hell Over Their Mispronounced Words

In the Middle Ages, tutivillus was the demon du jour for those concerned with literacy and writing.

Pope Francis Grants Indulgence for Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The indulgence was granted in honor of the 125th anniversary of the Coronation of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Papal Plague Doctor Turned Sinister

The medieval physician to the pope bled the Curia dry - literally.

Pictures: The World’s Oldest Organ Is a in Church-Fort

Nearly 600 years old, the world's oldest playable organ - designed to resemble the shape of a church - resides in a church-fort in Switzerland.

Pope Urban V and “the Most Famous Jokebook of the Renaissance”

The first ever printed jokebook became 'the most famous jokebook of the Renaissance' and includes a tale of Pope Urban V.

When Benedict XVI Helped Ed & Lorraine Warren Exorcise a Succubus

Yes - that really happened.

The Strange Reason Why Pope Urban VIII Banned Powdered Tobacco

For 100 years, Catholics could not use powdered tobacco because Pope Urban VIII thought it was too close to this...

Leaked Notre-Dame Rebuild Plans Tilts ‘Contemporary’

The interior of the rebuilt Notre-Dame could have a more contemporary style, according to an uproarious leak in the French media.

Archaeologists Discover Dance Floor Where John the Baptist Died

After witnessing a dance on THIS dance floor, King Herod had John the Baptist executed.

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