Watch: NFL QB Josh Allen Says “God’s Real” After Teammate’s Recovery

Watch NFL QB Josh Allen declare "God's real" after what some are calling a miraculous recovery of Damar Hamlin 👉

Pope Francis Keeps Resignation Letter Ready in Case of Health Concerns

Did you know that Pope Francis has a plan in place in the event that his health significantly deteriorates and he is unable to fulfill his duties as Bishop of Rome and leader of the Catholic Church?

Swiss Bishops Say “Rules” Need To Be Followed After Woman Concelebrates...

They emphasized respect for Church rules & teachings in sacraments & liturgy.

Church Can Reduce Carbon Emissions by Returning to Meatless Fridays, Says...

In the past, Pope Francis called on young people to save the planet by eating less meat. A new study says the Church can reduce carbon emissions by returning to the Friday fast.

Help Souls Get to Heaven! Do You Know the Eternal Rest...

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Pope Benedict XVI’s Three Gift Requests to Baby Jesus at Age...

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If You Could, Would You Really Want to Never Die?

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Archbishop Says “Biden Is Not in Communion With the Catholic Faith”

In the past, Pope Francis said President Joe Biden needs to talk to his pastor about being Catholic and supporting abortion. Now, Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia has said he's not in communion with the Faith.

Pope Francis Says the Vatican Christmas Concert Shouldn’t Be “Cliché”

🎄🎶 Pope Francis has some advice for musicians competing to perform at the Vatican's Christmas concert this year: don't be "cliché." Why did he say this? 👉

Pope Francis Talks to Ukraine President

Is Pope Francis going to visit Ukraine? Almost six months after the start of the war, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Pope Francis in a phone call. 👉 Here's what they talked about