The Little Known Exorcisms Performed by Pope John Paul II and...

The sacramental practice in the Catholic Church of expelling demons from the body of a person who is possessed is termed exorcism. Most don't know that both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI reportedly performed exorcisms inside the Vatican.

The Time David Bowie Prayed The “Our Father” During A Concert...

In 1992, David Bowie performed at an AIDS benefit concert in memory of the late Freddie Mercury, the artist recited the "Our Father" in front of 72,000 fans

The Catholic Origins of Halloween

Halloween's origins are, in fact, very Christian. Halloween falls on October 31 because of a Pope, and its observances are the result of medieval Catholic piety.

An Illustrated Guide to the Triduum

Check out our visual overview of what to expect and how to get the most out of the three holiest days of the year.

How Do You Properly Dispose of Broken Rosaries and Other Blessed...

As Catholics, we commonly have religious items blessed, whether it be by a priest or bishop. However, over time statues and rosaries may become broken from use, or palm may naturally degrade. How do we properly dispose of them when they become damaged?

The Pro-Life Video Every Person Needs To See (Even People Who...

This is one of, if not the, most powerful pro-life messages we've ever seen. This video was produced by the French March for Life movement, Marche Pour La Vie.

The Oldest Known Video Footage Of A Pope

This is the oldest known footage of a Pope in existence. This film of Pope Leo XIII was created in 1896.

10 Revealing Maps of Religion in Europe

These maps give an insight into the religious lives of the inhabitants of Europe. Where are the adherents of different religions located? Which countries are more religious, and which ones are more secular?

What Does “INRI” On The Crucifix Actually Mean?

If you've ever looked at a Crucifix, you most likely noticed the four letters "INRI" inscribed atop the cross. Why is it there and what does it mean?

The Beard Balm With A Mission

As a child, Saul's father taught him how to make a tent. Once he had mastered the craft, he was presented with his own set of knives and awls.

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