Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings

Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings

By Matt Kososki When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground. --Cersei Lannister One of the more...

The Babe and Brother Matthias

Babe Ruth likely wouldn’t have evolved into a baseball superstar without the help of Brother Matthias Boutlier, a Catholic religious. Throughout his career, The Bambino often referred to Brother Matthias, the disciplinarian at the St. Mary’s Industrial School in Baltimore, as the greatest man he ever knew.
Plaque of Guido Monaco, Arezzo

The Catholic Origins of Do-Re-Mi

Anybody who has taken piano lessons (like my wife who inspired this article), was lucky enough to have went to a school that had...
Catholic Apologetics

An Interview With Brandon Vogt of

Author, Blogger, and New Media expert Brandon Vogt is aiming to create a true Digital Areopagus for dialogue between Catholics and Atheists.

#Indulgence For Following The Pope On Twitter? – #Nope.

#Indulgence For Following The Pope On Twitter? - #Nope.

The Catholic Origins Of 5 Alcoholic Beverages

The Catholic origins of 5 well known Wines, Beers, & Liqueurs
10 Best Catholic Apps

7 Essential Catholic Apps

Here are 7 great Catholic must have apps for your iOS devices

Into The Eyes Of Jesus

Today, I had the tremendous honour of baptising a young woman who is severely physically challenged. It was a small ceremony, with only one family member and one godparent present. The young woman is no longer able to verbally communicate, but she is very expressive and communicates in other ways. She is a quadriplegic and yes, requires much care.

A Seeker’s Guide To Lumen Fidei

Here are 6 quotes from Lumen Fidei that I think speak to the Seeker, to the person searching for God and searching for meaning in life. I will quote them as the answers to the assumed questions that I imagine the Pope is trying to answer for the spiritual seeker.
Kalam Argument

The Simplest Argument for God’s Existence

The Kalām cosmological argument is a variation of the cosmological argument that argues for the existence of a first cause for the universe, and the existence of a god.