How The Ancient Catholic Church Dealt With Priest Sex Offenders

In the ancient Catholic Church, the punishments for clergy who sexually preyed on victims were not as relatively urbane as these modern approaches. 

The 10 Countries With The Most Catholics

Every year the Vatican publishes their directory book, the Annuario Pontificio, containing statistics from the Vatican Central Office for Church Statistics.

J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lost Prophetic Message on Abuse in the...

Nearly 55 years ago, Tolkien offered a prophetic message on having unwavering belief despite grave scandal in the clergy: a beautiful hymn on the Faith and Eucharist, a sorrowful lament on scandal and sin.

The Beard Balm With A Mission

As a child, Saul's father taught him how to make a tent. Once he had mastered the craft, he was presented with his own set of knives and awls.

The Last Words Of 25 Catholic Saints

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. These are the last words spoken by 25 Saints before they went on to their eternal reward.

Jews & Muslims Don’t Eat Pork, But Christians Do. Here’s Why…

Of the 3 major monotheistic faiths of the world - Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, only Christians consume pork, while the others consider it "unclean" or "haram"

The Sign From Which Demons Flee

In the midst of the tumultuous 4th century, God raised up a smart and holy priest from the church of Alexandria, Athanasius. Near the beginning of his long career of defending the orthodoxy of the Church, he wrote a little book, On the Incarnation, vigorously defending the core truths of the Gospel: the divinity of Christ, the humanity of Christ, the logic of the cross, the historicity of the resurrection, etc.

The Largest Catholic Church In The World Is Not Where You’d...

If you were to ask the average Catholic what the largest church in the world is, they might say Saint Peter's in Rome, or...

The Lost Prophecy of Father Joseph Ratzinger on the Future of...

Over half a century ago, the world was going through a time of geopolitical turbulence and unrest. In Rome, there were disputes over the second Vatican Council that had recently closed. In 1969, Father Joseph Ratzinger gave his prediction of the future of the Church.

Where Exactly Was The “Garden of Eden”?

Scholars have long disputed where to place Eden on a map of today, but the Book of Genesis gives some clues.