Does Clericalism Explain Corruption?

At every turn of scandal, authorities, including the Pope, continue to tell us that these are symptoms of clericalism.

The Miraculous True Story of Saint Michael Saving a U.S. Marine...

Separated from his unit during the Korean war and caught face to face with seven enemy soldiers, guns drawn ready to fire: this is the story of the US Marine miraculously saved by Saint Michael the Archangel

The Liberal Hypocrisy On Sex

Prior to the sexual revolution, our society had a certain legal and moral consensus on sexual behaviour. Then certain factions in society started pushing for a cultural shift that produced the sexual revolution based on a desire to liberalize sexuality in western society.

Traditional Catholic Grievance Fatigue & Protesting Corruption

There are more constructive ways to address the crisis than the cycle of blame we seem to be caught in.

Amazing Coincidence or Proof? All Major Relics of Christ Have the...

Amazing coincidence or proof? When scientific studies were performed on miraculous consecrated Hosts that turned into physical flesh and blood, along with relics of Christ, they were all found to be of the same blood type - type AB.

Lent: Why We Fast

We don’t do it because we think that some good thing like food or technology are bad. We do it because we recognize that we are bad and need to overcompensate to become good.

The Terrifying Vision of Pope Leo XIII

On October 13th, 1884, exactly 33 years before the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, Pope Leo XIII had a terrifying vision of the future of the Church.

Did You Know? The Reason Why Chief Sitting Bull Wore a...

Most everyone in grade school learns the history of his involvement with resistance against the government, his time spent with Buffalo Bill, and his unfortunate death. What most people don't know about Chief Sitting Bull, however, is that Sitting Bull wore a crucifix. Here's why...

What Is The Pope’s Actual Title? (Hint: It’s Not Pope)

It might come as a surprise, but of the pope's eight official titles, pope isn't actually one of them.

When Does Christmas Actually End?

The Christmas season is only just beginning on December 25th. While the most popular carol of all suggests just twelve days, its a topic of hot debate among Catholics. When does Christmas actually end?