Inside The Nazareth House Where Both Mary and Jesus Grew Up

In the Church, we venerate the Virgin Mary as the greatest of Saints. However, the New Testament offers us little in the ways of Mary's early history. Traditionally, it is believed that the house they both grew up in is enshrined in the Basilica of the Holy House in Loreto, Italy.

Did You Know? The Reason Why Chief Sitting Bull Wore a...

Most everyone in grade school learns the history of his involvement with resistance against the government, his time spent with Buffalo Bill, and his unfortunate death. What most people don't know about Chief Sitting Bull, however, is that Sitting Bull wore a crucifix. Here's why...

The Secret “Tower Of The Winds” Inside The Vatican

The Vatican is home to some of the worlds greatest architectural achievements and packed with historical buildings. However, most don't know about the Tower of the Winds, a tower which helped create the calendar used by nearly everyone around the globe today.

The Universal Church: An Obscure Rule Puts This Bishop in Charge...

Houston, do we have a problem? It might sound strange, but the Diocese of Orlando, Florida has jurisdiction over an otherworldly object: the Moon. Why might you ask? The answer involves an obscure rule from 1917 and the Apollo 11 space mission.

The Only Catholic To Sign the Declaration of Independence

Of the total fifty-six signatories of the Declaration of Independence, only one was faithful to the Catholic Church. Charles Carroll was not only the only Catholic to sign the document, he was the last surviving signer, dying at the age of 95 in 1832 in Baltimore.

Did You Know Disney Animated A Beautiful Prayer To Our Lady?

Nearly 77 years ago, the first screening of the Walt Disney feature filmĀ Fantasia took place in the Broadway Theatre of New York. Since its opening night, it has gone down as a pinnacle of animation. It's final segment includes a beautiful animated prayer to Our Lady.

When the Parthenon Was a Catholic Church

The Parthenon stands as a shining example of Greek architecture. Throughout history, it has been used for many purposes, such as a temple and a gunpowder magazine. However, most don't know that for nearly a thousand years the Parthenon stood as a Catholic Church.

Which Bible Should I Use? A List of Approved Catholic Translations

With over one hundred English translations of the Bible available today, how do we know which to use? Here's a list of approved translations a Catholic can choose from.

How To Make A Palm Cross

A complete guide with easy to follow videos and diagrams showing how to make a Palm Cross

The Little Known Exorcisms Performed by Pope John Paul II and...

The sacramental practice in the Catholic Church of expelling demons from the body of a person who is possessed is termed exorcism. Most don't know that both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI reportedly performed exorcisms inside the Vatican.