Saint Bridget’s Vision of The 5,480 Wounds on Jesus Christ

Saint Bridget of Sweden was born to a wealthy upper class family that afforded her an excellent Catholic education. Starting from a young age, she began to experience mystical visions, her most prominent would come to be the 5480 Wounds of Jesus Christ.

Did Saint Peter Have a Daughter?

Bible passages point to him having a wife & historical texts say he had children. Did Saint Peter have a family?

How Seismology, The Study Of Earthquakes, Became Known As The Jesuit...

Science historians crediting medieval Catholic mathematicians and philosophers as the founders of modern science. Historically, no scientific field has benefitted more from members of the Faith than seismology. How did seismology become known as the Jesuit science?

Is Atheism, Not Religion, Dying Out?

In today's media, we often hear how the Catholic Faith and religion in general across the globe have been declining in recent years as we usher in the age of enlightenment. This couldn't be further from the truth as those new to the Faith are growing rapidly. Is atheism dying out?

Enjoy Chicken? Thank Medieval Catholic Monks.

Today's chickens are bred to be very passive with little fear of humans and an ability to lay many eggs quickly. However, chickens were not always the easy-going birds they are today. If you can't get enough of chicken or eggs, you should probably thank medieval Catholic monks.

The Only Catholic To Sign the Declaration of Independence

Of the total fifty-six signatories of the Declaration of Independence, only one was faithful to the Catholic Church. Charles Carroll was not only the only Catholic to sign the document, he was the last surviving signer, dying at the age of 95 in 1832 in Baltimore.

How the Knights of Columbus Had “Under God” Added to the...

Every person in the United States of America has probably recited the Pledge of Allegiance at one point in their lives. However, most of us probably don't know where it came from, or that "under God" wasn't always part of it. How did the Knights of Columbus help have it added?

The Saint Who Was Addicted to Drugs for 30 Years

For thirty years Saint Mark Ji Tianxiang was addicted to opium. He prayed that he may die a martyr as he couldn't see any other way out of his addiction.

Where Is “Santa Claus” Buried?

Known to children as the man who brings him presents every Christmas night, The real Saint Nicholas is renowned for his legendary habit of secret gift giving. After his death, many have claimed to have relics of Saint Nicholas' bones. Where is he really buried?

Why Is There an Ancient Egyptian Obelisk in the Middle of...

Standing all throughout the Vatican are ancient Egyptian obelisks, some towering almost a hundred feet tall. The most prominent obelisk is the Vaticano in the center of Saint Peter's Square. Who built it, and why is it directly in the middle of Saint Peter's Square?