[Video] Pope Discusses Military Intervention In Iraq

Aboard the papal plane from Seoul to Rome, Pope Francis spoke about the need for the international community to "stop" the Islamic State.

New York Archdiocese to Move Fulton Sheen’s Remains to Peoria

After repeated refusals the Archdiocese of New York will finally move Fulton Sheen's remains to Peoria, allowing his cause for canonization to continue.

From Assaulting a Priest to Devout Catholic: The Story of Saint...

A staunch anti-papist who went from beating a priest to a becoming devout man of the Faith, this is the story of Saint Peregrine.

Is it always possible to see Christ in Other People?

Today Jurell asks us what our biggest challenges are when we are trying to see Christ in all people. Tell us in the comments...

There Are 10,080 Minutes In A Week…Here Are The Most Important...

Have you ever tracked the time you spend every day? Every week? Most people who go through this kind of exercise are surprised that...

Celebrating Earth Day With God

Celebrating Earth Day without keeping the Creator of all things top of mind, makes Earth Day incomplete. It is because all things were created by God as a gift that they are filled with ultimate meaning and value.

My Vocation Is Love [Trailer]

A mini-series about discovering God's plan for our lives. Please help SHARE this with your friends, youth groups, and church communities! For more resources like...

Holy Stairs: Are These the Actual Steps Jesus Walked on to...

Christ was taken to His Trial at Pontius Pilate's palace by way of 28 marble steps. Today, they are known as the Scala Sancta: the Holy Stairs.

Pope Addresses South Korean Leaders In English

Pope Francis’ first major address during his Apostolic Voyage – to Korea’s political and civil leaders – was also one of his first speeches in English.

After Saint Teresa of Avila Died, 10 Days Were Lost to...

When Saint Teresa of Avila died on October 4th, 1582, Catholics everywhere went to bed that night and woke up 10 days later.

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