The “Prayer for Leading a Holy Life” by Aquinas Every Catholic...

In an increasingly secular world that eschews the spiritual for the material, how can we lead a holy life? The Angelic Doctor has a prayer just for that.

Pictures: This Last Supper Painting Has Bread, Wine, and a Guinea...

Any painting of the Last Supper includes the classic bread and wine, but only this image features the twist of Jesus and the Apostles dining on guinea pig.

What Pope Paul VI Said to the First Men on the...

50 years ago, one giant leap for mankind was made, and the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission went to the moon. Here's what Pope Paul VI said to them.

Did You Know? Saint Mary Magdalene Is in The Little Mermaid

Did you know? Hidden in one of Disney's most famous animated movies is a painting of none other than Saint Mary Magdalene.

This Saint Had Her Throat Slashed, and Mary Saved Her in...

Throat slashed and left for dead in an alley, Saint Mariam Baouardy found herself miraculously healed by the Virgin Mary.

The Saint Who Preached a Sermon After Being Beheaded

Beheaded under the persecution of Catholics by Roman emperor Decius, Saint Denis picked up his own head and preached a sermon on repentance.

Teens Need More Than Chastity Lessons To Grow In Faith

Road Signs For Catholic Teens invites teens to navigate their spiritual life as they near adulthood. Author Jennessa Terraccino calls it like she sees it...

Don’t Be Mr. Burns: A Homily for the 18th Sunday in...

Be not like Mr. Burns who wished he spent more time in the office as he stared death in the face, be like Mary who gave all she had in this life to God so that others may have eternal life.

Cause for G. K. Chesterton’s Sainthood Will Not Be Opened

The cause for canonization of the "prince of paradox" will not be opened, says Bishop Doyle of the late Catholic polymath's home diocese in Northampton.

Saint Procla: What Did Pontius Pilate’s Wife Dream About?

Known to tradition as Procla or Claudia, Pontius Pilate's wife had a dream telling the Roman governor to free Jesus. What did she dream about to say so?

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